06 Isiliye Mere Maa Ko

#1 : 1947 se AK-47 tak
Note: Its a satirical take on all the Indo-Pak wars, starting from
partition i.e 1947

#2: Purana Qissa
Note: Love song

#3: Political Pyaar
Note: Its about a love story trapped in media politics

#4: Munna The Tiger
Note: It’s an autobiographical account of a tiger called munna.

#5: Neend
Note: Love song

#6: Isiliye meri maa ko tu pasand
Note: Its a sarcastic take on Indian family values around women.

#7: Kasauli
Note: A love song which layered with immigration and

#8: Freedom Of Speech
Note: It’s a story. personal one!

#9: Ballad of Irom Sharmila
Note: It’s an biographical account of Irom Sharmila & how we
betrayed her.

#10: Kitne Dino Ke Baad:
Note: Anti war song, again Indo-Pak current state of affairs.

Source by Deepak Peace

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