47StillStanding – “Hollywood” | (Prod. D’Artizt)

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Contact on instagram/twitter @risklife47 @47stillstanding

We’d LOVE to interact with all of you that love our music, and to those of you we are already in contact with and that show SO MUCH love & support to us, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH ! It literally drives us.

Thanks in advance if you enjoy our music !
Physical copies of all our music is coming soon along with a website and merch. Stick with us !

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  1. Zedikiah Konotopsky


  2. True talent.

  3. @dakostamusic: <3 <3 <3

  4. @user-59830129: <3

  5. Bruh, i love it all, the sample, the flows, the lyrics!

  6. @ryemann: <3

  7. holy fucking what is thiiissss 🔥🔥

  8. @hlywood: just me and my boi doin our thing, Im 1st and 3rd verse and the hook

  9. #bars

  10. @kootoeightsixty: ayy bruh thank you

  11. 104 Production Hip Hop Beats

    awesome !

  12. @sanya-alexander: thanks !

  13. this is cool man

  14. @cluraps: ayy preciate it

  15. Rad sound. Rad flow. Good good

  16. @illectricresolvesystem: preciateee it

  17. ugh! so filthy!

  18. @dajlab: you already kno

  19. 🔥🔥🔥 the future

  20. @mehluli_chinembiri: bruh thank you haha

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