Ace Ruga – G.O.N.E – (Prod.. By Hollywood Tich)

Ace Ruga – G.O.N.E
Written By Ace Ruga (With Janet Jackson Sample As Chorus)

First verse :
If im really that bad then why i buy you that bag
Everybody got there reasons why we probably won’t last
He no good for you all he do is break into pads prolly true but now he takes no breaks with the pad
See ima probably go mad the way I’m living my life
I get in hoes like mice no love just hit em with pipe
To scared to answer my line to busy drunk in my lie
Instead of bonny and Clyde i flipped a jekyll and Hyde
Meanwhile you blowing my line i tell you baby it’s fine
I swear she knows that I’m cheating but only wants to be mine
Her girlfriends say i ain’t shit he don’t know how to commit
Why he don’t he hit your phone but can find time to hit Licks ? i know I’m treating you bad
I heard I’m just like my dad
I can’t appreciate what i got Till it breaks like some glass
Now my talent is my demon and my past on the gass
I just hope the ride last

Second Verse :
Ain’t no biggie being great homie just have faith
Why bother giving the world what you can’t replace ?
Hold up, ok back in 08 my broski had the gold plate
I had you sneaking out the house but always dropped u back safe
I know these groupies far from wifey but Ima slave to my ways
On my grind everyday, who said that Crome don’t pay ?! Man ima get us a place
Thought I had nothing to loose
You tell me baby be cool but Ima stick em and move
Meanwhile you wavy at school
You don’t know what I go through
My mother bills and paid, Just left my grandfathers wake
My little bro caught a case, that’s my day to day
Makes its so hard to say grace when you ain’t eat in three days
but Mr pastor says pray look pastor I am the Prey
my girlfriend left Friday, swerved off before I said “bae”
Flashbacks still mess with my brain
See this the product of Shame
So how the fuck ima be sane
Leave me to drown in my…. PAIN

Source by 258 Ruga

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  1. tight work

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  3. Nice one


  5. Tight work homie

  6. Great, So dope!

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  9. Amazing 🙂

  10. great swing thanks for mentioning it to me .

  11. Shit is hot bruh. Sick hook sick 16s.

  12. sound good with my beats

  13. yo u told me on Twitter (maddogella1) to check it out its dope

  14. Love it! Thanks for mentioning it to me on my twitter!

  15. great swing

  16. OfficialMaconHamilton

    I’m rockin with it

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