Adam Deitch – 2020 Mixtape – Golden Wolf Records


Here are some BANGIN instrumentals I’ve produced over the years. I was saving these for famous MCs, but I figured the instrumentals deserved to be heard on their own. Vibe to this!! #2020Vision

All songs Produced by Adam Deitch / Ingredients: Korg Triton, ASR 10 sampler, Moog Voyager, Pro Tools, Various Instruments.

1. New Conversations
2. Hollywood Hills OG
3. Visions of Skylines (Nigel Hall, Rhodes, guitar)
4. Shaolin Battle Cry
5. Shrimp and Lobster
6. Headbang Bounce
7.We Can’t Breathe
8. Moroccan Terrain
9. The Struggle Must End
10. Jewels for Barbarians
11. Heavy Weather
12. Sky People
13. Jazz interlude feat. Max Roach (speech)
14. Virtually Unbreakable

Source by Golden Wolf Records

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  1. need the tracklist

  2. 🎶🔥🎶

  3. Dillaizm!!!

  4. I love this one

  5. this spot tho YES

  6. AMON RYDE 💫

    TASTY <3 Thanks!!

  7. im gonna flip on this one instead.

  8. 2020 startit

  9. Da Super Beats

  10. whoa this is awsome

  11. fine thing

  12. Mixed On The Rocks

    Supa Tune right here ❤

  13. 20 minutes of goodness.

  14. I can hear Kendrick.


  16. I love this groove!! Wish it was a while track… :/

  17. what’s being sampled here?

  18. Source on this monologue? This mix has some real talk

  19. Immediately touched my heart!!

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