All The Times America's President Joe Biden Made A Gaffe | Joe Biden Viral Videos

US president Joe Biden in a speech mistakenly stated that he has cancer. The White House quickly clarified that he was referring to his history of “non-melanoma” skin cancer. It was removed before he assumed power last year. This isn’t a first. Have a look yourself.

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  1. Very Sorry. OK. VIVA Joe Biden 46. USA President's. OK. VIVA USA./United States of America./UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.🙂🙂🙂

  2. He is inept, ineffective,unintelligent, evil, vile, uncaring ,ignorant, and lastly but not leastly a total imbesel. And this is being as respectful as I can possibly be toward a man who wants to destroy our country. Next time I think I will be disrespectful. Goodness knows they don't respect our country or it's ppl.

  3. "the first gentleman" – "common man! " he's utterly a fart

  4. Oil on the windshield in the winter?? What the hell is he talking about?

  5. Joe biden Worst president of usa history , kamala harris worst vice president in usa history ….

  6. Let’s see the video clips of Modi and his gaffes. In particular with kneeling down to the CCP

  7. I think the manning our airports in 1776 was much more hilarious, considering that president was serious. Or how about the the oranges of the Russian investigation!!!! Ask trump to say anonymous. Biden has an excuse he has a speech impediment. Trump is just a stupid mfer

  8. I got some more real things Biden said.

    "Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids"
    "I'll lead an effective strategy to mobilize truinationaldeprezure"
    "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black"
    "Let's go Brandon. I agree"

    And that's just what I could think of off the top of my head.

  9. Australia has a Prime Minister… fix the video.

  10. Well, most of the Indians living in the US voted for this incompetent fool who has managed to ruin the US economy within 18 months.

  11. Qickly off the top of my Brain that's on loan from GOD. Biden fixed the COVID Vaccine mess, got shots in arms. Biden Passed the American Rescue Plan. Biden ended our nightmare War in Afghanistan, he didn't do it in years but rather PRONTO, No more American blood shed over there. Biden Passed a great Infrastructure plan. Lowest Unemployment. Biden Unites NATO like never before. Biden stands up to the enemy Russia who were using the last guy as a useful idiot. Biden unites the EU and brings in Sweden and Norway. Biden taking executive action to Fight Climate Change, he's not a denier with his head in the sand like turtle Mitch. Biden to fight for Women's rights. Biden supports an independent Justice department. Shall I go on E or are you already feeling too stupid? Lets Go Bannon ! VOTE People VOTE….GA BLUE !

  12. Lol Joe Biden is a joke

  13. The handshake one is fake. He was pointing for the man where they should go and where to seat, the full clip reveals that.

  14. Yes I think there is Sort of a CANCER in the white house ********* It's Killing the u s a !!

  15. Dude you're the first lady's husband

  16. Morarica man 3 Yes game chode Ami o game chode not allow yes

  17. No one feels worse about his mistakes than the mistake himself.

  18. 2 minutes. It should be a 10 series documentary.

  19. May be Biden has been replace by an AI, who is garbling.

  20. Thank you! We can on,y get true news about our country from India and Australia

  21. End of quote , Repeat the line

  22. He is an embarrassment. Sorry USA but the world cannot believe you picked this idiot. Whatever Trump was, at least he had things running. Biden is a joke. Harris a bigger joke.

  23. This tool is a disgrace as a president; Honestly I didn't think someone could make, Nixon, Clinton and special needs bush jr look smart. But since his cancer remarks, should we go ahead and apply kemo or better yet Nuclear waste?

  24. They call him Sleepy Joe for nothing!

  25. This is really not funny
    This is pathetic why do we put up with this nonsense

  26. We need to get DeSantis in office & get America's wheels rolling again, without the driver we have now, asleep at the wheel.

  27. America is the joke when we mock our own president, ESPECIALLY without knowing what's really going on. When it comes to things like espionage and clandestine attacks, regular civilians have no idea. Whoever made this video should be ashamed. .. And die.

  28. Joe got cancer hahahaha that's funny shaking with out her 5

  29. stop mockery of Ukrainians, give guns

  30. The tyranny of Japanese naturalized orean residents in Japan is rooted in the formation, protection, and training of the victorious nation's occupation forces in Korea under the guidance of GHQ after the war. The current preferential policy for all naturalized oreans living in Japan is in the United States' operation to destroy Japan. The reason why we do not have nuclear missiles is to prevent Japan and the United States from becoming equal. We don't need nuclear weapons because we will protect Japan with the American nuclear umbrella. Eliminate the Japanese army forever so as not to attack the United States and remodel it into a Korean-dominated Japan. Koreans are confident that America can easily control them. In the Ukrainian war, the United States will try to be nice to Russia so that it does not turn into a nuclear war, and will not lend powerful weapons. It is the same as in Japan. In order to prevent a nuclear war with Russia and the Communist Party of China, we constantly look at their faces and repeat the silly replies that they have or do not have a nuclear umbrella. He has decided that even if Japan disappears, as long as the United States remains, that is enough. Confirmed in Ukraine.
    lu loutb 8bt 9yn 8n ;pynt 9np08np7 kutcv5exwt43 librvp8n87 p9nu lilyvce.

  31. It is very sad that we allow him to represent the USA. We are all guilty of allowing this idiot to continue. My family did not vote for this criminal chump.

  32. Hahahahahahahajahahahahahahahaha
    This puke is to much.

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