Another Round (feat. Krewella)

#NerdNation we actually started producing Another Round in Hollywood over 2 years ago, together with Krewella and Fernando Garibay at his studio. At the time it was decided to let the track sit for a while as we were writing even more songs and decided to focus on a different sound and direction. The track kind of stuck with us all though, and finally we were able to complete it and put it out the way we intended it to sound!

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  1. I LOVE THIS TUNE!!! Happy Hardcore is not ded

  2. love this song <3

  3. Nicee Music

  4. Vrolijk en Prolijk


  5. Synectic. And great

  6. more like progressive house

  7. lllllllooovvvveee the song???!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. gooooood!!!! 😀

  9. I Love Your Voice!


  11. como se hace ese sonido, puta madre denme el nombre del sintetizador >:v

  12. muy bueno el drop

  13. Bandit The Protogen

    why is everyone hating on Krewella

  14. fantasic ♥ ^-^ keep it up

  15. love that kickkk

  16. Happy days!

  17. Amazing vocals. Love this song

  18. HODOR

  19. i hate prog house so much but yall did this one good. good job PBN!

  20. Goddamn!!!

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