Apple Exec Leaving Company After Vulgar Remark Goes Viral From TikTok Video

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  1. It was a joke! Damn people are sensitive. He say it at work or a work sponsored event, they should of left that man alone.

  2. Bruh why can’t we have a conversation and correct. Like why being Ignorant got to be a Death Sentence.

  3. He shouldn't be fired. He was making a joke and its not his fault if sensitive millennial don't understand the joke

  4. It's not the worst thing to be fired over. Seems extreme. Maybe offering him a chance to explain it was a joke, would have been a better look.

  5. I stay away from people with no sense of humor. Humor gets us through shit. You either get it or you don’t, & if you don’t I’m running the other way!!

  6. Sounds more like a smart deflection to me.. he doesn't know the tik tok guys intentions (good or bad).. being in the position hes "was" in, why would he be so quick to divulge such information.. id just quote some fly shit too and keep it pushing, they get home and realize it was a JayZ lyric

  7. That's messed up was just joking

  8. This is so dumb. Let that man keep his job. Can’t even tell the truth smh

  9. Clearly Apple was just looking for a reason to fire him because what??? This is getting out of control.

  10. Yeah that’s a bullshit way to lose your job!! But i guarantee he has PLENTY of money left to live off of!!

  11. Siri can crack a joke but he can’t 🤦🏾‍♂️

  12. Fired over a bad joke?? Damn

  13. This is a fucking joke, damn near criminal in my opinion that he even has to think about stepping down. people target anybody for anything in 2022. very unfortunate way to lose a 6 figure-paying job.. smfh at the current state of media

  14. DJ Envy “you seen my silver one before” I love him

  15. Wrongful termination lawsuit loading……….

  16. don't worryTesla Tesla will hire you

  17. He was clearly joking , no he should not lose his job over this , clearly not funny neither was the movie but fired for poor sense of humor is not fair .

  18. Really!!!! This world this world

  19. He should sue they asses this cancel culture is going too damn far! This is by far thee MOST Sensitive ass generation yo

  20. Really??? That was worthy of losing your career

  21. Can you imagine how sensitive people on the internet are ?!

  22. …It's A JOKE! NOT A DICK! why y'all take it so hard?

  23. I don’t think he should be fired. I thought that was kinda funny.

  24. "Big breasted women" wow y'all sensitive 😂

  25. Nah man that’s wack bruh. Is this how weak and fragile society is?

  26. This isn't new. People have lost jobs, or have not been given jobs over their social media accounts. So making an insensitive comment via TikTok will ultimately do that. When you work for a brand you are morally obligated to not say anything publicly that can hurt that brand. So yes, as unfair it might appear. We now live in a social media sphere, and one's public action can be harmful and impactful.

  27. People can't make a damn joke anymore?! Damn! I thought this was America!

  28. I don’t think he should have been fired. A little reprimand or even a demotion, maybe. I wonder if it would be different had he paused and said that was a quote from X movie then said in general what he does. 🤔 Sad they just did that off of a quote.

  29. Imagine being removed from your job of 22 years for a movie quote, but Mr. "Grab 'Em by the Pussy" ran a country for 4 years.

  30. He didn't deserve to lose his job over that.

  31. My first thought was Omg he got fired for that🙄then my second thought was apple was looking for a reason to fire him. He pissed off the wrong person and they used this situation to get rid of him.

  32. He never even mentioned Apple!! It was a joke! He wasn’t at work! That’s awful. And he was quoting a movie!! It was a damn joke! That’s a damn shame.

  33. No he shouldn't be fired

  34. Is there any black people on Apple staff 🤔 😕

  35. Nope. It was a joke people Damn

  36. Naw that’s crazy. And I made a joke to my sister the other day said ya mama named ya clay ima call u clay then I thought. It’s crazy if I said that to someone who transitioned being silly I’d get canceled lose my job and ppl would think it’s fair.smh

  37. There are levels to this. He represents the company in ways that average employees do not and who cannot harm the brand. He’s a very visible top executive. It’s not high-value man behavior at all to speak that way about women. The last thing the company needs is an allegation about Apple that makes women believe it’s not a safe place to work. Yes, fire fast and keep it moving.

  38. That is so petty people can’t JOKE anymore are you serious

  39. (I’m not saying he should have been fired, but) for all those defending him, would be t have made a difference if he took a notorious quote from Blazing Saddles?

  40. This politically correct shit gotta stop. It was literally a harmless joke. People keep there jobs for worse!

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