Bean & Turntablism vs. LAPD/OPD/LRAD by Darbuka Siva and Jeb Middlebrook (Echo Fellows)

This track is the beginnings of collaboration among international sound makers and thinkers, participating as Fellows in an online conference called Echo ( This track includes a hip-hop remix of a Rajasthani folk song from northwestern Indian (Darbuka Siva), mixed with sounds of policing dispatches from the LAPD; policing of Occupy protests by the OPD in Oakland, CA; and turntablism of the sound of the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) used by police to quell protesters globally (Jeb Middlebrook).

Darbuka Siva – Drummer, Bassist from India
Laura Plana Gracia – Academic from United Kingdom
Jeb Middlebrook – Sound Archivist, Researcher from USA

For more info, and to follow this and other collaborations:
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