Delhicious Love

Delhicious Love – is one of 2 songs wich i produced for the new ” Battle of the Year Balkans – 15 Years Anniversary EP ” and my upcoming mixtape ” Delicious Breaks “.

Inspired 4 years ago while i was listen and dance to crazy Bollywood Songs in Thessaloniki ( Greece ) with my good friend @EliasBarak / Love and shout outs to B-Boy Night.

Nureinjunge – Sucuk Mafia – Dim Sum Dynastie
Produced by : Just-A-Kid
Mastered by : @DJRAWKUTS

Source by Just-A-Kid

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  2. straight out fire !!!

  3. Pablo Andres Cepeda


  4. @niishio: thank you

  5. i love song

  6. @bboylagons: thanks !

  7. 𝘋𝘰𝘱𝘱𝘦𝘭𝘨𝘢𝘯𝘨𝘦𝘳

    Terastieeeeeeeee Kid <3

  8. @onstars: efraristo bro

  9. How can i get this track? I make small BBoy Jams and would love to blast this one.. dope ass tune

  10. @nusanz: my friend, just send me your email and ill get it to you ! 🙂 you welcome !

  11. @djjustakid: Thats lovely man! I am forwarding a mail now. I don’t know how i missed on the notification for this reply.

  12. Huge quality

  13. very very beautiful !

  14. @bollywood-hindi-music: thank you very very much.

  15. any links to buy ?

  16. @deejayhope: no,its not available ! but you can give me your mail and so i can send it to you !

  17. @djjustakid: You should totally sell your music! It’s dope! But for now, can you send it to me too please? Thanks <3

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