Dre Hughes Explains Viral Video With His Baby Mama. And How Someone Took His GoFund Me.

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  1. I'm glad I found DRE leave your BM she's bringing you 👇.

  2. Head up dre thank God you left her she's toxic asf do better and just worry about your kids.

  3. This man is not a victim. He’s an opportunist!

  4. “I’m partially deaf in my left ear, but I still could hear a lil bit” 😭😭😂

  5. Theres prolly alot of situations like diss🤦🏻

  6. That wasn't play fighting.need to get DNA. You can do better. Your spirit is better. She's too ghetto. You have outgrown her.

  7. Keep healing bruh 🙏🏾for u stay strong

  8. Damn hope he get it together.

  9. You guys are entertained by this?! Do better!

  10. Don't all girls wish they had a guy like dre.😂

  11. Don’t you like when I come around 👊🏽😂😂😂

  12. If child protective services knew she smoke during pregnancy they would take her kids from her. My niece went through that. It’s definitely not healthy for the baby…smh

  13. You are who you attract. They need to do better. It’s two sides to every story. Y’all just taking his or hers. That’s bias. Most men hollering “see bitches ain’t shit”. Well you chose her, knocked her up despite seeing 🚩. Same applies vice versa.

  14. Nigga going through it & nobody ever bring attention to abusive females

  15. He deserves all the blessings coming his way I pray for his clarity n salute his patience 🙏🏽

  16. I can't be the only one that think this man is a lil off.

  17. Abuse on any level isn’t cool. I hope he find a good women bc if it was the other way around dude wld be in jail. Keep yo head up bro

  18. 🤔why not tell him the truth about the hazards of smoking/drinking/drugs while pregnant?

  19. He’s really well spoken and has a way with words indeed it is his baby mom and he should respect her in terms of name calling but I do understand his frustration but what really got me of course hitting one another isn’t right but he was literally crying when he got slapped which everyone peeped this is a sad case we really need to stop normalizing toxic behavior.

  20. Bit my guy , that shit will mess u up quickly lowkey

  21. It’s cuz they all be trapped in that one room. Going crazy

  22. It ain’t TOOKEN… it’s Taken

  23. I feel bad for him… karma gonna get her

  24. Love the way he speak. He's intelligent.

  25. They got a ignorant ass relationship

  26. Dre I will be your woman an treat u right 🥰😘

  27. That video was a cry for help! Smh I swear his girlfriend was like mine and I am a female. Sometimes it's not always the man sometimes it is the damn woman. If you ever end up with a damn Narcissistic person. You can't win the only win with a narcissist is failure and the fake image they create for better supply. He deserves better I don't give a damn and he is little. They always wanna go after the beautiful one's with all the potential in the world and bring them down cause they can't do it themselves. It's a sick childhood illness and nobody deserves too suffer from it not even him. I wish him the best because he has so much potential and he's still a sweetheart just broken hearted inside.

  28. Bro do comedy bro you definitely gon make it bro you already got some fans work on this bro lol your babymoma gon make you rich shawty who laughs last laugh the best bro

  29. This nigga funny as hell bro am on your ass bro you got me this a star on the rise king this like a a Katt Williams without the pirm and without the pimp he just coming up he gon get it all lol

  30. I need him to win ! Don't count him out !

  31. She was just mad bc she wanted to smoke but you was on live & she ain’t want to be seen pregnant and getting high

  32. Love will blind you to another person's faults.

  33. Go to court get your kid and dip bro.

  34. Damn, that's not okay to treat anyone like that smh

  35. I want him to win too but the next fight is child support black man can't never get ahead

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