Entire Staff Of NorCal Bagel Shop Quits In Viral Video

The entire staff of a Northern California bagel shop quit together in a video which went viral after alleging a toxic workplace.



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source https://www.youtubepp.com/watch?v=eXtp6XbSMrc


  1. I think those 16 ppl are stupid. Why would they willing to lose their job? Oh I forgot this is America a country that spoiled people because they can always find a new job.

  2. It's extremely rare that employees will do such a thing to support their manager, she must have been a great leader.

  3. The manager was falsely fired and the franchise owner must be a sociopath or wasn't paying attention during the evaluation before making the wrong decision.

  4. Thank you Newsom and Biden and democrats for the fraud, crime , violence, inflation, open borders, supply chain issues and kissing china ass!

  5. I salute those actual team players for standing up in the name of empathy over sociopathy, love over gold.

  6. Great now I have to pay more taxes because they will file for unemployment

  7. You would think that she could say Vacaville properly.

  8. 🤔🤔🤔 not sure if they should hire better employees/staff ..or … ohh wait they did and they walked out ahahha

  9. Imagine if this was done for something more important…say opposing government submission of getting jabbed. It would make the government reconsider their power grab.

  10. ……too many calories in bagels.

  11. This is awesome. Too bad many of us are too broke to quit a job on-the -spot.

  12. damn they must have done the manager grimey to have that kind of support! thats a beautiful thing💯

  13. 10 years ago when i quit my job at a small FedEx hub, all the supervisor quit after. the manager didn't even let me finish by 2 weeks notice, they just say im done on that date. A year later that place got shut down. i still drive by that place once in a while just to remember all the people who quit after me and shut that place down because no one wanna work there.

  14. When unemployment pays more than working full time at a low skilled job…….

  15. As they say, Employee don’t quit their jobs. they quit management

  16. So basically they had a cool as manager and the owners suck so thats why they left cuz they have eachothers back… thats good Coworkers because there is no way in hell that everybody will quit for one person that is crazy and I hope all these people get their job back and back to normal

  17. Ahh they’re all young and they knew it would be big shit lol. They not trippin off that job , they probably got a new one already lol

  18. Must be a really good manager if everyone quit

  19. Jesus loves you he died on the cross for your sins. All you have to do is believe in him and you will be saved. ❤ ✝️

  20. If more supervisors had worked as babysitters when they were still young, we'd all hear a lot less bawling by employees.

  21. What idiots. Quit there job because someone else got fired. This new generation is so ass backwards. It’s pathetic.

  22. She must of been a great manager if the TEAM IS BEHIND HER LIKE THIS.

  23. ride of die for the homie

  24. Well it's a good thing there teenagers and live with mom and dad that they can do this because if they had rent or bills to pay for sure they wouldn't do it

  25. Worker solidarity ✊🏽

  26. Why was she fired? Look at what she created after getting fired. I'm sure she wasn't the best employee

  27. That's the proper way to quit your job when working for an ungrateful employer "group style", leave em high &. dry baby… Let them run their own bagel shop.. Mass walk-out the new way to quit your slave wage job, I love it

  28. The tyrant had the nerve to name the place after a righteous man like Noah…

  29. It's a big deal we making those FAT CATS RICH ASS HELL 100 CLIENTS PER HOUR

  30. Privacy laws are pretty strict on employers discussing why someone is terminated. That being said, need to treat your employees better.

  31. report real news please this kinda news belongs on youtube not cbs 🤡🎥

  32. I'm just going to say it. it seems like these people don't have any real responsibilities. AND I suspect they know why that manager was fired, they are just protecting bad habits at work. Good riddance I hope that business hires a more competent staff. Managers are supposed to manage businesses not make friends and allow misconduct from the staff. As a business owner of over 20 years, you can tell when managers stop working for you and become the problem. The fact alone that all these young people posted this video on social media just tells me exactly what kind of staff she was running. Just bleeding payroll.

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