Exercise 2: Rhythmic Noise – Little Annoying

This one is a little annoying so my apologies. All sounds are mouth noises. Not beatboxing, I just record my friends making little hums and such. I pretty much just asked them to make a noise and recorded it. All the found sounds are kids singing songs in other languages and samples to just one little clap and such.

My noises:
Thuh / snare – Friend’s Mouth
Phuh/ Record Scratch – Roomate’s Mouth
Pop – My Mouth
Hmmmm – Other Roomate’s mouth
Bhuh – Brother’s Mouth
Put/ Clap – Friends’s Mouth

Found Sounds:
-Kids in Dharmsala, India singing
-Girl sings “We Shall have No Pie”
-Four Indian children singing kids song in an Indian village
-A danish birthday song Foedselsdag
-3 years old sings LALALA – tune of Dutch song “poesje mauw”

Source by PatrickB

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  1. Sounded kinda like dubstep, was really cool and interesting

  2. could use a bit of alteration in the beat but overall I like it 🙂

  3. I like the change of pace here

  4. I like how it fades out here at the end

  5. This end is my favorite, it gets real complex

  6. I appreciate that they all sound like a robo-cat

  7. I like how you keep building on the beat

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