Fire Draw Near Episode V

Episode V looks at a shared musical link between Ireland and the Caribbean.


Mary Fuller – Oh What a Life
Seán Potts and Paddy Moloney – Did You Wash Your Father’s Shirt / The Mountain Top
Barry Gleeson – My Darling Old Bit of a Stick
Bernard Delaney – The Beauty Spot
Elizabeth Cronin – Little Pack of Tailors / What Would You Do?
Séamus Ennis – Kitty Lie Over
Brian O’Rourke – Drumsnot
The Flanagan Brothers – The Half A Crown Song
Bill Rogers – West Indian Weed Woman
The Meditations – Woman Piabba
Tom Crean – Half a Crown
Andy Cash – The Half Crown
Jimmy Crowley – Boozing
Cath and Phil Tyler – Our Captain Cried All Hands

Source by Fire Draw Near

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