Fuse [Liminal]

The first time I saw a real human skeleton I felt a very peculiar sadness and shock inside of myself. It wasn’t a reaction to the bones themselves, but to what had once covered them; the strength, beauty, and complexity they had once supported. An entire world had once rested in that skull. How much love, pain, happiness and grief had that frame supported?

As an artist sometimes you write about presence, and other times, absence. You use lyrics and music to run your finger around the shape left by something lost. This EP is negative space. It’s the frame supporting something that should be there, but simply isn’t. A harsh reminder of what once was; of an unchangeable breach in the order of things. Biting, but necessary.

This is my sackcloth and ashes. This is my 7 stages all wrapped up into one. I didn’t want to put most of these songs out. They all feel excruciatingly vulnerable. However, I decided I’d rather end my life pinned down, splayed out on a dissecting table than be stored away in formaldehyde, buried with my secrets.

So here I am. Here’s the knife. Be gentle with me, please.

Follow with the artwork: http://bit.ly/SkeletonsDigi


Additional vocals by Emalyn

Additional guitars by Adam Kuatt

Additional vocal tracking by Evan Blair

Mastering by Matt Simmers

Photography by Dustin Hollywood

Source by Crywolf

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  1. This song was my first Crywolf experience..never been the same since 🖤

  2. you encompass this experience, musically, so well.

  3. for the first time

  4. I’ve got no control

  5. I’m in love with this

  6. wake [e-bow] vibes here

  7. Angels is the theme of Crywolf

  8. luuckxy [new: @jvstlovestory]


  9. perfection

  10. It takes one to expirience it.

  11. you are such an inspiration

  12. Jesus titty fucking christ

  13. @zach-welniak: Bro, what?

  14. @tyler-johnson-297893655: …This guys talent is off the charts

  15. @zach-welniak: Oh.

  16. КРУТЯК!!!!

  17. Awesome

  18. Absolutely love this.


  20. love this

  21. holy FUCKING SHIT

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