Gangstas feat Hollywood & Mike Velly (R.I.P Pop Smoke!!)Low end Master

R.I.P. my dog Pop Smoke!!!! Did a freestyle over one of his beats and made sure we kept it hard and Gangsta for my dog cause thats how he put out tracks!!~!! So, sad that now days these rapperz at least the ones that got skill and street credibility aren’t even lasting long enough for the world to see their full potential in this musical field!!~!! R.I.P Young Dolph too!! All I got to say is man when you finally make it and what ever track of yours goes viral and takes you to that next level it doesn’t mean cop mad weight and gunz and finally turn Gorilla Gangsta cause if you wasn’t doing it before you blew up then why fake the funk??? Cause broke ass niggaz said you a studio gangsta or aint real??? Well, like my pops said if you worried about what the next man has to say about you then maybe you need to check yourself about your sexual orientation cause I only care about what bitches think cause I’m a pu$$y lovin nigga!!! I aint a Homo!!! And no direspect to my Gay community cause the ones that are proud to be what they are get mad respect from me cause that means you aint scared to be who you are, so if you not gay fuck what a man think about you!!! Cause men shouldn’t gossip to begin with just worry about yourself and if you do music stay true to what you do and who you really are cause no doubt when my shit take over next year yah can check my resume and Hollywood straight certified Gee before I even got in a booth but at the same time I aint trying to promote a life where there is no success at the end but just explaining what I’ve done and went through to get to where I am and where I’m trying to go!!! Love God, Love your Wifey, Love and take care of your kids and family, and last stack your money and get it while you can so you can provide a non stressful and comfortable life for your loved ones and provide jobs and oppurtunity for your people and community!!! HOLLYWOOD!!!! 2021

Source by Hollywood a.k.a Friday Knight

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