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  1. it was her fucking fault tho

  2. not deserved to be fired, just for the fact that he surely had a bad day and she made it worse.

  3. The fact that this became a meme was kinda upsetting :

  4. He shouldn’t have been

  5. Still can't believe that this bitch think she is a victim

  6. Meme Viral Video Welcome To YouTube Bradon Conner

  7. He didn't deserved to get fired, he took her to the place she requested him, and then he was probably just standing there, waiting on a new ride, and then the woman just got into the car again with out asking the man, which then probably led to that situation right there

  8. He didn’t deserve to be fired, but she deserves a lot of things to happen to her.

  9. That guy's got the patience. Karen was waiting to get punched so he would be arrested.

  10. She is stupid for taking a Uber to the hospital. L her fault

  11. This guy shouldnt have been fired…….

  12. Bro this was in 2016 it went viral on TikTok ?

  13. Good for him. We're all tired of taking people's crap, especially the crap coming out of Washington DC right now.

  14. He shouldn't have been there in the first place.

  15. Whatever she did she is there to be treated like that. Well he’s gone hes bye-bye Fired

  16. I honestly thought he was yelling at someone on speakerphone. Telling them to get out of his car, because he didnt know how to turn it off haha

  17. Hate how she only acted like an innocent person when she started rolling the camera video.

  18. She was so fucking annoying. Get the fuck out of the car bro.

  19. Couple of years late but still cool to know

  20. Why it was her fault,he got fired for using his voice to tell her to leave his vehicle. I don’t see why he had to get fired though they could have gave him a warning or just a break from that or something. But from the balding hair it looks like he has enough stress as it is.


  22. Hey at lest we have a meme…and a video of cartoons

  23. Drivers for Uber can't be fired since they don't work for Uber technically.

  24. Fucking Karen we need to cancel this bitches

  25. Poor guy. He didn't deserve to be fired. He is just doing his job. God people are awful

  26. He should have nit been fired! But the animation someone made is hilarious!!

  27. Ah yes, *women and man is fair in terms of rules*

  28. I would’ve got out when he started yellin cause I would’ve been scared 😂🚫🧢

  29. I've seen this vid before, he just rages at the lady and that's it

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