Hafta 92: RNG Awards, Arnab Goswami’s Resignation and Delhi’s Air Pollution

We open this episode of Hafta with a celebratory shout out to Manisha Pande and Sandeep Pai’s 5-part investigative report that won the Ramnath Goenka Award! This week Abhinandan Sekhri, Madhu Trehan, Anand Ranganathan, Manisha Pande are joined by Sandeep Pai, as they discuss the speeches of Narendra Modi and Indian Express Editor Raj Kamal Jha at the RNG Awards, the #SIMIencounters of Bhopal, Arnab Goswami’s resignation as the Editor-in-Chief of Times Now and the curse on us all… the post-Diwali Delhi pollution! There’s also a song dedication for Manisha and Sandeep at the end.

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  1. सही में बत्तीसी दिखा के हस रहा था😁

  2. Quaint Deliveries

    My recommendation to all the panelists is to read books or watch videos by Rajiv Malhotra! You guys sorely need to!

  3. Quaint Deliveries

    To praise America on how they take banks to task is just (like he says about Arnab), ” an alternate universe”. Just today I was talking to a friend about how Rajan talked about workers who’ve been told all their lives they’ll get a pension, they’ll never get it. Jon Stewart’s talked about how he didn’t know that people could go to a bank and be told that sorry, your 401k, your lifelong savings for retirement have been lost. It was part of the deal. I don’t need to tell you the crimes and then paying these buggers, bailing the out with tax money! It’s more than criminal, it’s exploitation and its oppression of your own. And this guy thinks they take them to task. such a buffoon.

  4. Quaint Deliveries

    These pollution watchers should be watched closely for outrage on Christmas where crores of trees are cut for celebrating Christmas. Also, these folks, if they watch Leo DiCaprio’s new docu on environment uploaded for free viewership on youtube, Before The Flood, it shows that eating beef harms the environment! It’s irrational, it is indeed unsecular, these double standards specially from the people who are quick to criticise Hindus at the drop of a hat and ignorant of the the other two religions.

  5. awesome

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