Hollywood Principle – Firework (SAMME Remix)

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Made with ❤ in México.

Source by SAMME

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  1. it’s amazing ^-^

  2. track and artwork is so sick! <3

  3. love the outro. whats it from?

  4. @beauleblanc: haha you mean the voices in the back?

  5. @imsamme: yee

  6. @beauleblanc: a random video i picked from youtube of some guys playing arcade games hahah

  7. REPOSTED !!!

  8. damnn dope <3

  9. That is good Stuff!!!

  10. REPOSTED !!!

  11. REPOSTED !!!

  12. Solid work!!

  13. great work man

  14. FeenTheMusic 📻 🎶

    Like this more then the original if that is even possible!

  15. Beautiful, must be on rocket league <3

  16. @da-nhope: <3

  17. @nosoul_music: ty!

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