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Bne na Bne | Sunny Randhawa | B2gather pros | street gang music | Punjabi latest songs 2022

Singer / lyrucst – Sunny Randhawa Music – Flamme Video – b2gether pros Lable – …


  1. i actually found this song(and furthermore the band) 3-4 years ago because of someones DA account bio :/

  2. this is an amazing song, very underrated

  3. Fuckin love this song, such an underrated song

  4. ‘lyrics’, my ass.. 1/5 stars, would not listen again

  5. a son of heaven bro

  6. Guys hay from Latvia & Russia. I like USA and hollywood undead group.

  7. Im losing all my sanity

  8. Such a under-rated song. I love it

  9. boom! boom!! boom!!!!!

  10. My favorite song


  12. Yes thank you 💙

  13. i love this song

  14. i hate

  15. @tannor-cabaday: fuck you

  16. @tannor-cabaday I hate u

  17. i love this song 🙂

  18. I love this song.XD

  19. dem beats yo

  20. Jonathan Mathews


  21. cmoney follow cmoney we about to tern up

  22. xXYour_Worst_NightmareXx

    This song is awesome.

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