Hollywood VS. Hollyhood

It’s episode 15, Jason Mitchell is on as a special guest and he has a friend who is very into Marino’s legs. Episode kicks off with a chat about how many showers they take out of 365 days a year and Maino recounts an experience he had with an R&B singer who didn’t smell so fresh even after a shower (5:00). Jason talks about gun violence in NOLA, getting into acting, his first on set experience and diversifying the roles he is taking and avoiding being typecast (21:00). The conversation switches to the upcoming election, Maino wants to know who everyone is voting for (56:00), there is a debate about if Harriet Tubman actually freed slaves or took them to a new type of slavery (1:15:00) and Jason finishes up the episode talking about playing Sean Bell and invites Maino to set (1:35:00). Next week Kitchen Talk will be having a sweet episode 16 celebration, so stay tuned!

Source by Maino Presents: Kitchen Talk

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