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  1. WHAT'S UP FAM! Daily content! Every day 6 PM UTC+1 . This is the first challenge where I tested my calisthenics level after 6 years of bodyweight workout!
    Support by getting my PROGRAMS & Equipment: http://www.caliathletics.com

  2. The music editing is sick🔥🔥. Wanted to know from where do you find such good music?

  3. yay the legend is back with daily content

  4. 1:43 60 Seconds?
    Do you mean 30 seconds down 30 Up? That is pretty easy but more than that is really hard
    (I did 30 Seconds Up and 30 down a Minute ago)

  5. Bro plz make a ring workout series because i don't have any pull bar

  6. Hey Darek, I got an idea of a video maybe video series better you could do,
    And its you learning a new skill, I dont know which skills you dont have, examples are Maltese,Hefesto,One arm planche,pelican planche push up, Victorian,Inverted ring muscle up,Super deep handstand push up,etc…
    And you show us how you approach it, and the process to learn it, different Trainings,struggles,progress and how you finally achieve it, I have never seen it before I think it would be amazing


  8. Please more videos. They are sooooooo goooooooood

  9. Keep ist up🔥you‘re a machine

  10. That Videos are insane🔥🔥

  11. gj with the video keep it up

  12. There is no leg challenges. haha, True Calisthenics athlete))

  13. Wow, I can lvl 27 of pull ups I'm cool

  14. Wow, I can lvl 27 of pull ups I'm cool

  15. Thanks for the motivation darek.
    What is your age now?

  16. Hey Darek, I'm really curious about your height

  17. Glad there is something where I am lvl. 100 too

  18. 5:30 ufffff ncieeee bro, hapopy to see you are strong again!

  19. Really ! Your content are so good bro. I am from india 🇮🇳. I really love your videos.

  20. I have been able to do the slow 1 minute pushup for some time. Either 30 seconds on the way down, 30 seconds on the way up It is very challenging. But I think it is even more challenging to go for a three-way split of the timing on this: 20 seconds on way down, hold at bottom for 20 seconds, and then 20 seconds on the way up. I think this is a very simple yet powerful pushups exercise.

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