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source https://www.youtubepp.com/watch?v=41kGrXLgX8M


  1. I'm not sure if the comparison is all that fair, considering that the expensive one is specifically designed for the exact things you tested: kink avoidance and free movement. I would include other categories like durability, water pressure, and endurance to the elements. Those are things the cheap one is specifically designed for, and that the expensive one should be able to at least reasonably match up to to be considered "better".

  2. I had one of those shrinking water hoses. I had hot water run throught it and it busted. Great for simple tasks. Just not heavy duty at all.

  3. You need to do divorce attorneys man, stop ignoring me please

  4. These are not comparable, you serious? You can get expensive standard hoses and cheap gimmick hoses

  5. I have that Yellow one at my house and it’s lasted my family a good decade of use

  6. You tested it wrong again lmao, the expensive is a different type of hose, it’s a flex hose, the other one is a garden hose lmao

  7. Honestly. I think I'm going to stick with the cheap hose. Kinking a hose like that is more useful than you might think.

  8. you shouldn't even have to retest them, just do it properly the first time???

  9. The fact you need to retest this shit means you should probably do it right the first time

  10. No you don’t have cheap versus expensive. You have two cheap Hose one that expands one that is static. Maybe compare two hose that are actually the same and aren’t functionally different

  11. Next week: In the series of ‘no one cares’, I discuss the difference between an apple and and a tennis ball 🤷🏻‍♂️

  12. This is the dumbest experiment. You're not even comparing the same hoses. One is a vinyl house vs a like a woven hose. So yeah it's a easy for expensive to win.

  13. The yellow one works via a similar mechanism to our own arteries. At least the Aorta is flexible and can expand its walls to allow a more constant stream of blood that doesn’t slosh against the walls of the artery.

  14. Man's became the best comparison channel on YouTube now

  15. You re did the video but you didn't even do the same test you moron dam your a jackass

  16. You didn’t Even test the same thing

  17. Okay but he didn’t even retest it, the original was him unfairly cutting the two hoses and then he decided to rest test by running with them? Okay I guess

  18. Poor guy needs to justify himself in front of the screaming man

  19. My mom had an expensive one and it kept breaking to the point where she just couldn't use it
    There were holes in it after like 2 weeks of usage and we didn't even use it for heavy work, just watering the plants in our flats garden

  20. I have the exact yellow one and one of the connectors stopped working after a month

  21. Can't stand lazy content of watching a good video and contributing nothing to it. But this man handles it like a champ, doubling down and making another banger over the lazy upload

  22. I think the guy that reviews it is stupid as fuck, wdym he didnt put any pressure on it?

  23. I bought the yellow one this summer. It lasted 2 weeks and no longer shrinks or works properly, it's quite the piece of garbage. Stick to trusty, classic hoses

  24. In my country the expensive one is sold for 5$. It’s just cloth with balloon hose.

  25. you missed the point but GG i guess

  26. Those expensive ones are crap they brake easy and you can't even put them on a reel because they expand in length as they fill, just get a decent hose and you will have it for decades, those ones Barely last a year

  27. Expensive one is rubbish they brake easy and can't be fixed

  28. "You didn't even put any pressure on it" did he not see the resistance as the knife cut into the hose?

  29. The expensive one is only expensive because it saves space👎

  30. reacting to ppl and letting them decide who should win just gets you more hate

    don't abuse the algorithm to get more attention

  31. Today we gonna be testing a cheap bo'oh'o'wa'er vs expensive bo'oh'o'wa'er mate, so we got cheap which is 1 pound and expensive which is 69 pounds and there gold glitters innit

  32. Plot twist
    He dose this on purpose to upload the same video twice

  33. those hoses that stretch last about a week before the hose gets a hole in it

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