Here’s a one-take track written and performed by me.
Alex Silverstien’s doing his thing in the background, kicking ass as per usual.
Thanks Ben for lending me your room, equipment and time.

If it’s the night
That keeps you around
Then I’ll bottle up the moonshine until you’re safe and sound

If it’s the day
That keeps you with me
Then I’ll sail under the sunshine so they day will never cease

I remember you
Your hair was like Indian Ink
Starry eyed on starry nights
these little, little things
Constellations & your eyes just like saturn’s rings
The things I say they just don’t do you justice
But in your eyes
An honest song

Source by Cole Bauer

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  1. you need to make more music more often

  2. @xhybrid: Ive got some new stuff coming soon man, thanks for listening

  3. @dylanowenmusic

  4. this is beautiful omg

  5. I feel like i’ve been touched by God

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