Jaguars coach Urban Meyer goes viral for party photos, videos | New York Post

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer was a trending Twitter topic over the weekend.

After the Jaguars suffered a 24-21 loss to the Bengals on Thursday — the team’s fourth straight loss to start the season — Meyer appeared to let loose with some friends in viral photos online.

In one video, Meyer appears to be sitting on a barstool, as a blond woman is dancing on him. Another photo shows Meyer posing alongside a blonde, with the caption, “Who is this he keeps flirting with me.”

Other photos show the coach posing with various women.

The video caught the attention of ESPN analyst Booger McFarland, who tweeted, “Nothing like a Thursday night game and the weekend off.”

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  1. Coolest coach in the league!!!!

  2. Meyer: Don't know why everyone's getting uptight. She was just trying out for my center position. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Hey Coach! Only players are allowed to drink and cheat on their wives!!

  4. "Is that a Heisman in your pants?"

  5. Ya’ll really so cheap that you’ll use a 20 year old pic of Urban in the thumbnail?

  6. Lawsuit time. Colin Cowerd Volume Podcast. Bryce Young Volume Podcast. Stephen A smith on ESPN with Tebow …wearing the #1 Dynasty on his chest: YOU CANT BEAT ME….shooting all the competiton down. Bryce Young. 1 Million Dollar NIL….Undisclosed…lets see it there

  7. boys will be boys. what can i tell you.

  8. This ain't South Beach or Vegas… what happens in Columbus will be lived streamed…..

  9. haha bud get control of yourself there are cameras everywhere now

  10. Didn’t know Coach could still quarterback. 319 319 set hut😂

  11. Everybody relax…No one’s talking about the woman coming on to him?!?! WTH not?!?!…She banged his arms not his d#%k…People got more time than sense!!

  12. Another Donald Trump Loving Hypocrite. Family Values. Team Values. Yeah Right!

  13. Urban definitely in the Win Column there


  14. Pretty hot babe that he had wanting it from him! Got to love that he still has it! Lot of ladies love married men and only date married men now! How times have changed in dating!

  15. Seems seems like Urban has a cool wife, she's not petty fearful.

  16. Funny had it been a female basketball coach Soccer coach etc… it wouldn't make the news as females sexuality is something of encouragement, even if she's married, they'll (simps/females) would say it's her husbands fault, she's cheating on him at a bar with another man. Because he isn't doing his job at home as a man.

  17. Urban Meyer finally found a wide receiver

  18. Rich white male entitlement on display

  19. it's a party for gods sake. Quit making a mountain out of a mole hill

  20. Just an older straight man that loves girls – how weird these days.

  21. I'm not a fan of Meyer, but what's the big deal, some girl grinding on his thighs. People, chill. A big nothing.

  22. He was trying to read her lips.

  23. Isn't this the other reason besides money why you want to be a college/pro coach? I'm sure they have an understanding.

  24. It couldn't be possible that women want to take a pic with him because he's famous. Nah.

  25. Once again people not minding their own business…so a man can’t have a life outside football?

  26. We need to mind our business…that’s what we need do!

  27. If his skin color was different, nothing would be said. The media would be all crying, give the guy a break…Welcome to divided America, thanks far left media!

  28. I bet urban is a Evangelical Conservative Republican Christian with moral values.

  29. Seems like he has a type: blonde and young

  30. Shelley Meyer's statement – "We all make mistakes-we are all sinners. If you think you aren't? Then cast the first stone." She then closed her Twitter account. Class act, Shelley Meyer.

  31. The girl's mom is threatening to sue Urban because her daughter is going through mental anguish now because of the video.

  32. social media is a joke. Practically noone, especially if you are well known, can do practically anything without some idiot taking videos of them or pictures of them in public. The world would be a better place without it.

  33. He probably thought, im going to get laid..

  34. Let people live for fck sake

  35. What's the bid deal, she obviously was leaning back against Meyer.

  36. Yeah. Nothing like a Thursday night game and a weekend off…from your marriage. 😏

  37. Y’all think his wife don’t know that many was out! He tired of losing on the field and at home! If you know you know!

  38. So the Wifes probably not doing her homework.

  39. Will Smith just the other day Discusses His Open Marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith, What's the media's problem?

  40. Where is our "DEEP FAKE" of Urban Meyer dancing with Trevor Lawrence?

  41. There is more to this vid he is actually rubbing her vagaga

  42. All of you are lame. Let the man be. That lil … was grinding on him.

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