Jaguars Urban Meyer BUSTED Partying in Bar VIRAL VIDEO With Young Woman in Ohio! USC on LINE 1!

Jaguars Urban Meyer BUSTED Partying in Bar VIRAL VIDEO With Young Woman in Ohio! USC on LINE 1!


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  2. Oh hell no!!! He's a pos with doing that when he has a wife at home babysitting their grandkids. I'm sure his wife let him have it when got home. Smh

  3. you can stay right in Ohio they love you

  4. Urban Meyers activities off the football field are none of our business! We should have the decency to give a man some space and privacy. We have no idea what the current status of his marriage is and that too is none of our business! Stop acting like a pack of dogs smelling blood. Grow up please! Pretty please!!

  5. Alcohol is the most dangerous drug in the World. The only safe level to drink for optimal health is zero drinks a day. It has no benefits. Some of its negatives are the destruction of our morals, impulsive behavior, loss of control, violence, sexual mistakes, loss of clear thinking and common sense. Coach Meyer should not drink alcohol; become a teetotaler!

  6. Man this is Bad I actually thought Urban was a Very smart guy with I'm guessing a pretty high IQ , well this is absolutely Stupid on his part what an Idiot

  7. He should of never canned Tebow because Tebow would of checked him and probably caught 4 tds by now

  8. He can use the Kobe Bryant method to fix this, just head over to the jewelry store. 🤔

  9. Unbelievable. He knows better than that.

  10. No ones business but him and his wife.
    You think he's the only rich middle aged guy getting some strange?


  12. I mean he's blowing off steam. Not like it's a dick picture

  13. He just thought he was going to feel bad from the tequila shots…

  14. His wife ain't tripping so who GAF

  15. People need to learn to mind there own fucking business!

  16. "A whiskey glass and a woman's azz will make a fool of any man."
    – Abraham Lincoln

  17. stop it, he's just a magician. He wanted to show her how he could make his hand disappear

  18. This is a non story..dude can hang out anyplace he wants and have a drink and some fun. Non story

  19. Not a good look at all. The bar is his Urban Meyers Steakhouse.

  20. He's on a losing streak how else is he gonna blow off steam??!!

  21. At least Urban has his hands in his pockets.

  22. He was just showing her how quarterbacks place their hands under their centers when they take snaps. Coaching, always coaching.

  23. Big Zero Burger! His best players are injured and inherited a shit team. I will take him Sunday!! How many married guys can get a video of them at a club? ALL OF YOU. Ridiculous

  24. Dudes cheated his whole life!!

  25. BAD decision Making!!!!!!!

    Get it together!!!!

  26. Who cares about this story magic Johnson almost gave his wife AIDS and that wasn't even a story, Magic still waxes poetic about how many girls he cheated on his wife with, are you telling me Lebron never cheated, this is a non story he won't face anything

  27. It looks like he’s just blocking her from grinding on something else

  28. Real shit, his wife probably won’t care. They’re all swinging sexual degenerates in florida!

  29. Backfield in motion. You know I’m gonna penalize you! Backfield in motion. You that’s against the rules. 1st down: I really should go home! 2nd down: This girl’s kinda hot! 3rd down: Oooh soft! 4th down: 4th down: My wife’s on the phone. I’m screwed and not in a good way.

  30. Ya want out so bad your willing to finger love a blonde & embarrass your family. Sympathetic I'm not

  31. I think that urban Mayer should better be worried about a divorce from his wife rather than losing his job as a coach For the Jacksonville Jaguars jobs can be replaced not the relationship with your wife or husband 🤔

  32. YouTube gave my channel a strike for this video said it was sex and nudity

  33. I'm a titan fan and a Bama fan so of course I dislike him.
    I would be shocked if he did not cheat and have sex with other women.

  34. EVERYBODY’S got a camera now. If you’re out in public somebody may film you

  35. That about ends the local pub bump and grind for him…

  36. Stay away from USC Urban…………

  37. Urban Meyer is not focused on Jaguars. He is focused on being a party leader bang bang!!!!!

  38. Wow BIG DEAL Someone is getting Lap Dance it is only a BIG DEAL because it is Urban Meyers. It should not even be a BIG DEAL to his wife. Don't mind Me I'm just some Cat who does not make a huge deal out of nothing. Guys and Gals party all the time to relax and get out stress, Geesh.

  39. Urban is acting out the ingrained Ohio State culture.

  40. meyer comes across as a guy who would get rid of someone for the smallest little problem…….but he apparently can do whatever…….he must be a democrat

  41. can someone please tell me why this blew up to such a big deal? is it just b/c he's married, or is there something i am missing?

  42. What happened w minding your own business lol sure it’s wrong but like I said 🤷🏽‍♂️

  43. Do you think Urban has Stinky Fingers

  44. It was a misunderstanding he was just demonstrating how the QB lines up under center

  45. Calm down, he just relieving some stress. Most likely his wife isn't doing it, he got to relieve it somewhere! LOL

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