Joe Rogan ADDRESSES Viral Video EXPOSING Him Using The N Word & Other Racial Remarks On JRE Podcast

Joe Rogan ADDRESSES Viral Video EXPOSING Him Using The N Word & Racial Remarks On JRE Podcast

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  2. The establishment really coming after joe they digging up enything they can find

  3. I dont see why you have to apologize. If you were being a dick and called black people niggas to degrade them…:yes you are a dick and should apologize. But People are taking this crap way too far. Because if someone is white they cant repeat the lyrics of a song in public? Thats bullshit! Theres BET, whole caregories of BLM movies now! The more theres this “i can and you cant” the more theres the “I am this type and you are this type of person”……so how the hell is this promoting a non racial environment? And if u dont know, now u know nigga!! Jr Mafia!!! Lets us enjoy the diversity and not create all this bullshit.
    Even key and peel are making fun of this exagerration, made a skit on how black ice being dangerous can be seen as racist!
    We all need to chill

  4. What's crazy is the person that made a clip out of it and called him out was his own so called friend, Alex Jones.

  5. Ppl are just now learning this dude is a white supremacist? Damn y’all slow

  6. Who says nigger it's nigga

  7. Cause He got exposed lol punk as

  8. Wow, see how powerful the machine is?! It sifted out that planet of the apes clip, though he deleted it, and used it quite effectively.

    "We need to dig into that Rogan's data"

  9. You're in a wrong country and at a very wrong moment my friend. Be safe and enjoy life. I am a dark skinned black man.❤

  10. Joe's PR firm terrible, why apologize for that. He's a comedian,omg people pretend to be that sensitive, baloney left wants him silenced . Apology was just making it easier. Comedians have to be censored what would the great Richard Pryor be saying bout that ?

  11. Not interested in this racist apologizing… He's been exposed once again for his racist rhetorical shyte I listen too Joe Rogan as I do with other YouTube channels podcasts and blogs just too stay informed of a racists point of view… Once a racist always a racist IMO

  12. little white man, 400 years couldnt do it. this wont either.

  13. I'm an Independent Latino, Blame it on Rap Music and Entertainment, N word will never, never, ever go away because it's on Music (Rap) and Entertainment….yawn… Cancel Culture begin cancelling Rappers and Entertainers right now, but it will never happen because it's a Mult-Billion dollar industry…yawn…. Rogan calls himself an Ape all the time…Rogan Racists…Bhahahaha….WHOOPIE GOLDBERG (Not her real name!!!) is racists….No Bueno.

  14. Apologies really don't mean anything. He'll still be on UFC, he'll still be doing his podcast. Nothing will change.

  15. That word was not considered offensive in Britain until the 1950s. (Oddly!) There was a war dog who was named this, wing commander guy Gibson of the royal air force. The dog a male Labrador was honoured by the RAF is buired in RAF Scotland. Personally I don't think it should be used by anyone at all. When I here this word being used it makes me cringe, and feel uncomfortable with those people who use it as a term of brother hood. Or endearment. It is none of those things. Those who use the should have more respect for themselves and others around them… Joe was ignorent, but he has apologised that's good enough for me.

  16. More respect to Rogan. Continually owning up to his mistakes.

  17. So why is it that once a person is caught saying 'the' word, they publicly apologize and are ashamed of themselves? If they were truly ashamed they would have never said 'the' word in the first place. You got caught and that's that, don't weasel out now!

  18. This is my opinion is straight “DAMAGE CONTROL” PERIOD!!!!

  19. I accept your apology everyone makes a mistake when you know better you do better and now that you know better I guess you would do that and just be careful on some of the things that you say

  20. I've got my issues with Joe, but this is an earnest mea culpa, and it's not about him copping to racism, but of being in this very chill, say whatever you want podcast land, at a time when the N-word was becoming unsayable (almost) by (almost) anyone who is not of African descent. Recall Lenny Bruce, and Patti Smith ("Rock N Roll Nigger") and many others, using the word in various ways that are now (but were not then) unacceptable. I honestly think the word itself should be freed, and the focus should be on the economy and real injustice, and not on a symbol (the word).

  21. I'm not racist. If someone accuses me of being racist, they are mad for another reason that isn't stated. Pigmentation of someone's skin should never be a face-value judgement regardless of said pigmentation… Sticks and Stones folks… Sticks and stones….

  22. Oh, BFD. Words are words. Everyone should stop talking.

  23. But you used it and said all you seen was apes gtfoh

  24. Part  Two  
    (CIA/DoD Slow-Kill Program  Continued)
    3.  Being gunned 24/7 with a version of the 5G electromagnetic torture weaponry. 
    (They  place particular importance in targeting the brain, heart, knees and  genitalia,)
    4.  Being  used as a human Laboratory
    test animal for biological and chemical weaponry.
    5.  Having your ears  bombarded with high frequencies which destroy the hearing and damage the brain.
    6.   Having non-stop subliminal messages pumped into one's living quarters  ( a method of subliminal mind- control).
    7.   Being continuously subjected to extreme psychological and emotional trauma , in addition to  the receiving  of long-distance shocks and  EM torture .
    8.   Having your pets and sometimes  human loved ones killed .
    9.  During the constant home invasions your food and water is contaminated to facilitate the shocks and EM torture which they administer. (The contaminant is probably lithium which is odorless and tasteless and is an excellent conductor of electricity  (the US'A's two- decades long war in Afghanistan was  NOT  because of  9/11, but rather to  launder money,, obtain  Afghanistan's lithium and other minerals (as well as to profit from their poppy fields.))
    10.  Having  one's  body contaminated with parasites which were meant to feed on dead bodies, but which have been genetically modified by the Intelligence Agencie's scientist to feed on those still alive.   ( See photographs on YouTube of two Chinese doctors
    who helped to expose the covid-19 virus and, as a result, were punished with being infested with the above-mentioned parasites by the Chinese Intelligence  Agency   MSS (Ministry of State  Security  or  Guoanbu).
    A  telltale sign of this infestation is the blackened facial skin.  These two Chinese doctors now appear to be two black men.  The USA  covertly obtained  this torture  practice  from the Chinese.
    (In   CIA/DoD identity theft this  practice is particularly valuable because  it enders the victim  unrecognizable!)
    11.  Being subjected to  V2K  (Voice to  Skull  … voices in one's head, 24/7 ).
    12 .  Being gang stalked (If you wish to research gang stalking and targeted individuals on YouTube , please  be aware  that the CIA/ DoD  have taken the precaution of scrubbing most of the pertinent  videos and  replacing them with Vice and other disinformation videos  in  amongst those of the few remaining real videos produced by actual Targeted  Individuals  (If the  Targeted Individual's stolen identity is being used by the CIA/DoD, it is especially important not to have the target appear on YouTube complaining about  what is happening to them!)
    13.   Having your living quarters sprayed with contaminated smart dust and mold.  
    14.   Having chemicals placed on different surfaces including your underwear which burns and blisters the skin upon contact.    15.  Having gas pumped into  the TI's apartment which induces unconsciousness.   In this state, one's purse. body cavities,  and pockets can be thoroughly  searched.   Any safety deposit boxes  keys, important papers,  or whatever can be taken and reproduced or stolen.  The  target  can  also be chipped and  implanted  with artificial intelligence. Additioally, the TI is usually gang  raped (another perk of the job )and are farmed out to be raped by others whilst unconscious. ( This occurs  not only in the USA, but in ALL of the NATO countries. )
    16. During the course of the above physical and psychological torture one's life is kept in   CONSTANT  TURMOIL; one bounces from a death of someone close to a job loss,  to a betrayal by someone whom you loved and trusted, to a home invasion, to the death of your pet …and on and on and on … trauma after drama after yet another trauma ! (It  seems that the CIA/DoD  are attempting to use systematic daily life, rather than  traditional SRA as a mechanism useful for leaving the brain open to the subliminal messages with which these Governmental  Agencies are bombarding the targets mind without pause. )

    ( For  the daily life of a victim of the  TIs Program,  see the videos of Myron  May who  was painted
    by the CIA./DoD  in the mainstream media
    as insane.   His  videos show us  something quite different!
    Myron is deadly sane and clear eyed!
    To see his video,  go to YouTube search, type in targeted individual /Myron May,, go down to posts by  memory  hole  blog, or  James  Lico,  Dabnin  Good and others  who are working to keep the memory and sacrifice of Myron May alive.)

    I have a numerated only a very few of the many components which form the Targeted  Individuals  Program.
    Is it any wonder that when Snoop got wind of what was in store for him, he, quite wisely, most humbly apologized?

    It gets worse.
    Many of you may
    be acquainted with the book, " A Brief History of Time," by the brilliant English physicist  Mr. S.  Hawking. Due to a tracheotomy,  Hawking became unable to speak.
    ALS then rendered him unable to move under his own volition.
    Unwilling to lose this unparalleled mind, British intelligence outfitted Hawking with  a  CIA./ DoD  developed microchip which would allow him to communicate.  (According to  Targeted Individual,  Dr. Katherine Horton, (YouTube channel, 'stop 007) , when one thinks, unbeknownst to the thinker, the vocal cords vibrate.
    When an AI chip is placed in the area of the vocal cords, this chip is able to pick up any vibration from these vocal cords
    and decode the messages from the mind's  language center.)
    Hawking also received a computer which could speak for him after the decoding had been accomplished .
    It is highly doubtful that British intelligence would have outfitted Hawking with this top secret equipment had he not worked for them.   Additionally, there exists  photos of Hawking  on Epstein's Infamous pedo Island .
    Epstein worked with British , Israeli,  and US   Intelligence  Agencies.  (Look up Travis Bonfield and Stephen Moore to
    hear the ridiculous ntelligence cover stories on S Hawkin's  AI implant.)
      In one of his video conferences,  Edward Snowden made reference to the above-mentioned AI chip,  the difference being that Snowden refers  to  a computer print out of thoughts,  rather than a voice translation like that
    of Hawking. )

    Unfortunately , the CIA/DoD Scientists  also developed another version of this technology .
    In the second version not only does the chip tap into the subjects vocal cords and brain Language Center it also  INSERTS THOUGHTS into the  victim's minds.
    Targets have all been implanted with this nano technology.
    Have  you ever wondered why the Swiss have almost as many guns per citizen as the USA  yet  lack the mass killers?

    When Ms. Rice said Snoop would lose and it wouldn't be pretty , you can see she was not exaggerating!


    My name is Gloria Hunt.
    I am a  Targeted Individual .
    lI have lived  in seven countries and can, from brutal experience, assure you that the program in  the NATO  Alliance  operates EXACTLY as it does in the USA .

    I now live in the USA in C. S. , N.C.
    I am  NOT suicidal.
    I am also NOT accident prone.

    Please check and verify everything
    which I have written in this comment.
    and spreading the word.
    Only a public outcry will stop the torture, and end the experimentation and the killing !

  25. Racism is  woven
    into the very fabric
    of America.
    It  is executed in a slow kill program perpetrated  upon it's Black population.
    Integral  to this entire process is the insidious image of Blacks painted by the media. 
    This portrayal gives Whites the impression that it is okay to
    "joke about," demean,  wrongly incarcerate, brutalize, exclude,  humiliate, or even kill  a subhuman "menace to society."
    In fact, the  wholesale  incarceration of Blacks in order to exploit a  Section of the  US Constitution which allows prisoners to be used as slave labor is an important  part of this racist  program.
    The vigorous  killings of Blacks by  Israeli  trained police as well as everyday racist Whites, substandard schools, housing, and  medical care,  the denial of clean water, and the propaganda campaign  launched against Blacks by   all  area of the media (which includes the cinema) all form part if this genocidal agenda..
    What the average  White American fails to see is that their attention  is being turned towards Blacks and away from the  program which is being perpetrated against them  … not simply the wholesale  spying and lack of freedom of speech,
    but an actual mind control mass experiment  is being  perpetrated  by the CIA/DoD.
    I shall support  this last statement using a fairly recent  infamous incident.
    Please recall the ominous threat which Ms. Susan Rice  made to the entertainer Snoop Dogg. (She was the former National Security  Advisor under President  Barrack Hussein Obama,  and presently  serves as an appointee within the Biden  administration.)

    'Snoop back the  * off. You come for  @ Gayle King,  you come against an army.  You will lose and it won't be pretty.'

    Miss  Rice was speaking literally and not figuratively. She was openly referring to the targeted individuals program.
    You must understand  some facts before I turn to Miss Rice's public, open,  and obvious threat.

    A.  The Pentagon is missing 21 ( TWENTY-ONE) TRILLION dollars from its massive budget.  (It is safe to say that a  portion of this missing money goes to fund this highly individualized Targeted Individuals Program.)
    B.   Vice  President Kamala Harris was a sitting member of the Homeland Security Committee,  The  Governmental Affairs Committee, as well as The Senate Select Committee on intelligence , as a result Harris was, in all probability, well aware of the  Crimes  Against  Humanity being perpetrated against everyday, innocent Americans.
    C.  It  is also of paramount importance to understand that the CIA / DOD habitually and deliberately insert elements into the Targeted  Individuals  Program which actually mimic a psychosis.  Adding these elements guarantees that the Target will not be believed.

    Let  us  now return to Miss  Rice and her threat against Snoop Dogg.
    The former National Security Advisor categorically stated that  Snoop would be coming against an army .

    The USA has well over 800 military bases. Over 500 of these bases are located outside of the USA .
    Everywhere these military bases are located  reports arise of Directed Energy attacks.
    From Japan to Thailand, from England to the USA,  the precise  same  reports  of EM torture.
    ( In case you're unaware that 5G electromagnetic weapons exist, search under  ADS (Active Denial  System), you will find an ancient government video which shows a tank which  shoots 5G electromagnetic radiation.
    If this  government siite has been scrubbed, you can still find videos of this equipment  on mainstream media  outlets.
    There is also information  on Direct Energy Weapons on Forces News on YouTube.  One video is  entitled,  "Britain's  Laser Weapons Move."   The Government official in this video states that the USA is already in possession of these directed  energy weapons. ")

    Please note that the official government video denies that handheld versions of this electromagnetic technology exist. Absolutely false!
    Handheld 5G  EM weaponry has existed for at least three decades.
    There is even a miniature version small enough to fit into a man's front trouser pocket and still leave room for his hand inside the same pocket. The power and range of this miniature gun can cause heart arrhythmia in the Target and consequently death is a possibility. This method is used to publicly execute a Target and have the death appear to be from medical causes rather than a CIA/DoD hit.
    Another rather ingenious assassination technique which has been developed by
    the CIA DOD is food  suffocation.
    The food or drink of the Target is contaminated using
    a biological /chemical agent. Upon consuming this agent the Target's throat immediately tightly swells up.  Food is trapped in the throat passage -way and he victim is unable to breathe.
    The offending biological/chemical agent disappears from the victim's system within minutes.
    In this case, we see
    a gendre of assassination which masquerades as an  unhappy  accident.

    All chemical and biological assassination methods are perfected using none volunteer subjects .. Targeted  Individuals.  (After many practice killings, the CIA /DOD determined that the best assassins were 23 year old women who had not had children.
    (For more information on C I A/DoD covert EM weaponry read, " Project Soul Catcher " by scientist Robert Duncan who also wrote "How to Tame a Demon."  These books expose a tiny fraction of the CIA/DOD program of targeting and experimentation upon innocent subjects.
    CAUTION:  Mr.  Duncan worked  for the CIA for a period of time.  Consequently, it must be assumed that these books were  vetted by the CIA/DoD before publication.))

    To go forward,  I must now go back a bit.
    Some of you may recall the disinformation apology by former  President  William Clinton for the CIA/DoD developed,  Project MK-Ultra .
    (This apology can  still be found on YouTube.)
    In this CIA/DiD writen speech , President Clinton greatly diminished the level of the human rights abuses, the intensity and horror of the torture, as well as
    the fact that these practices  are actual  Crimes  Against Humanity.
    I must emphasize that the CIA/DoD ROUTINELY commits  Crimes Against Humanity both  through MK -Ultra as well as its renamed off -shoots.

    Nor did Clinton mention that systematic killing of MK -Ultra victims once they were deemed to be "unnecessary" ( around age thirty for women) was "normal ."

    The President also failed to mention that the CIA/DoD developed projects were heavily  reliant upon  SRA ( Satanic Ritual Abuse ) to achieve their trauma-based mind control objectives.  ( The YouTube channel of Fiona Barnett a SRA Survivor who , as a small child,  was sexually  farmed out to President Nixon and the Reverend Billy Graham (amongst many others).
    Fiona was, therefore, a child mind -control victim of the CIA/DoD  sex trafficking operation. (She now receives a pittance in compensation
    from the Australian government.
    Please take note that the Intelligence Agencies of Australia and the USA have been combined making Australia of vassal state of the USA.  ( In  Berlin,Germany  in 1956,  the CIA formed the Bundesnachrichtendienst  (the BND) the world largest Foreign  Intelligence  headquarters.)
    NATO aligned  Intelligence Services also cooperate in these CIA/DoD Criminal projects which includes:

    1.  Sex trafficking of young victims of both sexes, and children even toddlers of both sexes.
    2.  Organs trafficking .
    3.  Drugs trafficking .
    4.  Weapons trafficking
    5 Money laundering
    Clinton  additionally neglected to mention that the above mentioned  sexual exploitation of and trafficking of women and children is an instrumental  part of these trauma-based mind control projects.  (See the book ,  "The  Trans   Formation  of America,"  by Cathy O'Brien.

    Miss O'Brien is an MK -Ultra Survivor, as is her child who was also sexually trafficked as a toddler.

    President Clinton solemnly promised that project MK-Ultra would be terminated.
    He lied !
    Project MK-Ultra was, in fact,  renamed
    and expanded.
    One offshoot of this renaming and expansion is the Targeted Indiividuals Program.
    (For more information orn project MK-Ultra,  research, " The Black  Vault," which is the fruit of a crowd-funded  FOIA request.)

    Sixteen  of the  many  elements of the CIA/DoD Slow -kill  Targeted  Individuals  Program are:
    1. Being chipped like an animal .
    Miniature drones,  which were the size of bees in 2008 and which are much smaller now,  are many times used to fly over and  around a TI, most likely the flyover is to inject  AI ( Artificial Intelligence)nto the target.
    ( See the videos of Russell Brand on E. Musk's  implant experimentation on monkeys which can transfer information between a computer and the subject's mind,  and can even read minds.
    In  reality the CIA/
    DoD have been perfecting  this  gendre of technology for years. 
    They  are now ready to collect money by  stepping  forward with an  ancient version of this technology using  E. Musk (and others) as their beard.)¹
    2.  Having the CIA./DoD  use (without permission) one's identity for their covert agents;  and to this end,  being  asset  strip ped.   EVERYTHING is stolen; the target's money and jewelry   (which are considered as perks of the job),   as well as  employment,  reputation  (slander is an integral  component of the program), clothing , photographs. letters, personal telephone books,  email accounts , email contacts , identification such as driver's license , and passports,  University documentation, …  EVERYTHING
    The   Target often ends up homeless  and friendless while a CIA/DoD  agent uses his/ her identity as a cover .
    (See Part Two)

  26. Bill Duke to 👉🏿Joe Rogan. "You know you done fk'd up now don'tcha?"

  27. FBA been calling rogan and is alt right loving ass out for over 6 years now (along with bill maher) … But now that msm and liberals want him " cancelled" they wanna remember all this and want FBA to back they move….

  28. As a Black man from the Deep South who has experienced real racism and stories from grand and great grandparents. Joe shouldn’t have to apologize at All. Part of what we fought for is freedom of speech and you can’t police that or comedy. It’s sad to me the PC state the world is coming to. Patrice O’Neal and Dave Chappelle 2 of the realest black guys in comedy are/were good friends of Joe’s and trust me if he was racist they wouldn’t be. Fortunately I think just like them Joe is uncancelable.

  29. Youtube executives have gone back years and found the video that Rogan deleted for political hit job. Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and other leftist socialists or just plain old Democrats or some special interest group or the Biden Admin have decided to take Rogan down. More hits will come Rogan's way, he is lucky that Spotify is run by Swedish company. Nazis behavior is really what we are seeing. If Twitter can delete the 45th sitting Presidents account with 97 million followers and not get questioned by MSMedia or the nation we live in dangerous times where one group has tremendous power like the Nazis did before the atrocities.

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