Jordan Hollywood – The Truth (Prod. By The MeKanics)

(Prod. By The MeKanics)

Source by Jordan Hollywood

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#armuanxari Source by Armu Khan


  1. Getting a Mac Miller vibe lol

  2. Crazyy🔥🔥

  3. I WANNA WORK 💲💲

  4. This on the top 100 charts this week so we might play on the sunday morning countdown show

  5. Broward County! Dope song…

  6. this sound is even better than drake muziq

  7. yeah that flow slaps .. yeah yeah #opusrealm

  8. I can’t leave my crib without my cash $$$

  9. hot track

  10. David Jamal Peterman

    jordan hollywood fiyah azz fux

  11. getting older isee

  12. this is real af

  13. Liked- Explore Future Sounds

  14. This song is tuff!

  15. My lil bro Jordan Hollywood is killing the game. 2016 is the year.

  16. stupid lit

  17. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ CHECK THE LINK ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  18. this is so fire holy shit

  19. i feel this ? ?

  20. this is realy beautiful

  21. OfficialVisionaireMaine

    Yo! This is crazy. Real Rap.Beat is ridiculous

  22. Lord Howe Productions

    Track is fire man. Check my beats out, you would go hard on em

  23. #KingsForQueens

  24. really dope.. on that dej loaf flow

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