Junoon – Eminem Till I Collapse (Indian Version) New Hindi Rap Song 2019

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Junoon is a track made in the wake of the national security issue of India.
On February 14th, 2019 India, unfortunately, had to bear with a serious loss of around 40 lives of the Indian Army Men in a terror attack in Pulwama, Kashmir, India.
National grief was such serious that it led to a huge outrage against terrorism along with neighbouring country -Pakistan. People in India are furious over Pakistan as the enemy country and terrorism because of such cowardly attacks every now and then. The media, Spokespersons of different political parties, Intellectuals, Nationalists are all busy fanning the flames of war between two countries with a view to teach a lesson to the enemy – Pakistan. However, little do they realize that is not as easy as cake to fight a war in 2019. As retaliation proceeds, India on February 26, 2019, has given a befitting reply to terrorism with an air strike in their home country Pakistan.
People are happy, sad, mad and angry and there is chaos in the country which is being used by some real culprits at different stances
be it their political advantage, international diplomacy or terrorism once again.
As an artist, SuperNova has tried to shed light on the past as well as undesirable consequences of war which make it difficult to go ahead
and meet the masses` demand.

Written & Performed by SuperNova(Vedprakash Bhat)
Music by (from): `Till I Collapse by Eminem (2002)
Mastered by: Sumedh Arun (The Broke Studio)
Marketed by: Team SuperNovaMusik

Special Thanks: Pranav Bhat, Bharat Hurkat, Yogesh Pawar, Paresh Joshi & Team SuperNovaMusik

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