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Are you settling for a PayCheck, when what you really want is a lifeIs the price of freedom – a lack of true achievement and life of busy work?What if life presents you a chance, a chance to follow your dreams?Do you BELIEVE in your dreams?These are the questions Rhea is asking herself as she is swooshing through the lanes of life. Most people dream of having a story that Bollywood movies are made up of. How about actually living one?Opposites attract and repel in this tale of love, inspiration, and dreams. The beautiful, adventurous Rhea and the ambitious, intellectual Sahil are drawn to each other but require some pivotal times and a whirlwind of emotions to understand each other and their dreams. It takes you through a journey, a journey within and answers those questions which only you know subconsciously. Live your dreams.WHY READ THE BOOK LIVE YOUR DREAMS ?Love reading books: If you are seeking heart and mind spa: In a life full of commitments, responsibilities, and timelines,

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