Land Kara De Part 3: Viral Video Of Woman's Paragliding

Remember the ‘Land Kara De’ guy who went viral back in 2019? The man in the funny clip became a sensation overnight and all of us couldn’t help but laugh at his on-point commentary while he was paragliding. A video has gone viral on social media showing a woman ranting and raving about her husband who pushed her to try paragliding. She doesn’t stop there and goes on and on about how she hates her husband and wants to kill him. “I will kill you Brijesh (her husband)” and “meri shaadi kyu kari bhagwaan (Why did you get me married God),” she can be heard ranting. #ViralVideo #LandKaraDe

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  1. This lady was one step close to hell

  2. She forgot to say that ""mai madr….d hu jo es mae aaayi""
    Plz remake it😑

  3. Over acting .. desperate for attention

  4. Log kya se kya krne lg gye yaar

  5. कुछ भी for attention….??😐

  6. Wah kya acting kar rhi hai 🤲

  7. Just for becoming famous like that person??? Uhhhh… 😖

  8. Wah kya acting hai…..wah kya acting hai

  9. bhai es ko koi over acting ke 100 rupees extra de do (youtube)

  10. Bad scripting and worst acting.

  11. Mood kharab kar diya isske video ne. Ill have to watch that original guy again now.

  12. Overacting
    Oscar de do koi.

  13. Mai madarc##d hu joh yaha aaya

  14. She is overreacting too much

  15. Famous hone ke liye acting kar rahi h…clearly visible h

  16. Overacting krne k liye bhi sikhna hi padta h.
    Famous hone k liye kuch bhi karo…pati ko hi badnaam😂😂

  17. Popular hone ka stunt hai aur kuch nahi

  18. Bilkul ghatiya lag rahi ho acting krte hue🤣
    Pehle wala bandaa natural tha

  19. This is called cheap popularity… Absolute fake drama…

  20. Just to become famous 50 rupaye kaat overacting key

  21. Maine gaali na nikalne ki kasam khayi thi, par tujhe dekh kr nikal gyii

  22. Shayad Itni Achi acting bollywood ka star kids ko aati 😂

  23. Attention Seeker! Not genuine this time.

  24. 1 line missing hai is ovracting me…😁😁"mai mc hoon jo yha aaya""😅😅

  25. Some make videos to become famous… No dear sign on face..acting

  26. Kya mast acting hai yarr , Sallu bhai ka kal phone aaya tha bole maine ise apni agli film me leading heroine banana hai iska number do 🤣🤭

  27. India times… kya content dikha rahe ho… gareebo….
    Just Unsubscribed U

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