Logan: ‘PALE MOON’ and Indian Love Song. Robert Armbruster 1923 on Duo-Art 101475

Frederic Knight Logan: ‘PALE MOON’, Aand Indian Love Song. Robert Armbruster 1923 on Duo-Art 101475.
Recorded from the digitized copy of the original reproducing piano roll Nov 8, 2018 by VViljanen.
Photo: Pale Moon sheet music cover page (1920). “Pale Moon” (An Indian Love Song) is a popular song composed by Frederic Knight Logan with lyrics by Jesse G. M. Glick. The song was written in 1920,
and later transcribed and reinvented for violin and piano by Fritz Kreisler
Basic info* of the original piano roll:
PALE MOON (An Indian Love Song) (Song in A-flat)
Roll Number: 10147, 101475
Composer/Creator: Logan
Pianist: Armbruster
Roll System: Duo-Art
Country: US
Date: March, 1923
Category: ballad, song
Original Price: $1.25
Notes: With words
*Info source: The Piano Player Group web page (by permission)

Source by Veikko Viljanen

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