Man Slides Down 400ft Water Dam | Top Viral Videos Of The Week

A fun way to get the winters kickstarted. #BestOfTheWeek # Winter #Dam #Slide #TiH #ThisIsHappening

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  1. 7:01 Even the Kremlin's all fronts!!

  2. LOL the commentary from the guy the stoplight was hilarious

  3. 1:36 dogs recognise evil, and assholes …. true story

  4. The first one is so crazy. Why aren´t there excisting such waterslides?

  5. Remember prime stands for Please Remember Im Missouri Educated

  6. Think the first clip is at Dovestones near Oldham.

  7. Why is it that Russians don’t know how to tie roofs down?

  8. Animal torture is not funny, assholes.

  9. If that’s 400 feet, I’m 12 feet tall

  10. That 400 foot dam is under 100 foot tall. The length of the slide is under 200 foot. Wtf dude.🤣😂🤣😂

  11. 2:50 Shut your eyes and just listen. It sounds like a porn video.

  12. 2:02 Kid is pretty amazing. I like the confidence. Hope he's able to hang on to it.

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