Markiplier's Reaction Stream, Abusing Copyright To Claim Viral Videos – Speedrun Rambles 258

0:00 Markiplier’s content stealing reaction stream.
1:59 Someone abusing copyright to claim viral videos.
2:37 The best of DarkViper8888 compilation.
4:17 Is using all of my content really the best move?
5:10 Australia’s destructive lettuce scarcity.
6:42 The death of the clips channel and future of my shorts.
9:19 I interact more on YouTube than Twitch.
9:43 Are all “good” games successful on steam?
11:33 Tunic the little fox game.
12:10 Faling asleep spoiled my audiobook.
13:04 Is money intrinsically valuable?
15:17 Twitch breaking reverse chat.
17:59 Update on trying to get good mobile coverage
23:00 Inflation rate is bad everywhere.

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  1. I know I'm kinda late, and I don't know if it has been suggested already (sorry but I don't read comments), but have you considered not abandoning the chaos highlights, but instead release the highlights first? Back when you used to release both versions, i tried watching the original un-cut version as soon as possible, and when you released the highlights, (despite i clearly knew that it is more interesting cuz of the edits) at the back of my head i always had a thought that i have already watched it, so I ignored it. Maybe if you released it first and THEN added the un-cut (something similar to what dream is doing with manhunt), people interested in fast-paced content would've been happy, AND people that usually watch the whole chaos (i think they only watch it because it's YOUR content) would watch it either way. Then viewers that watch you more like a podcast, memeseekers, or those that just like your content, would look forward to seeing the long version. I know it would create some sort of delay, and it would only be reasonable from the start of new season, but maybe, just maybe… It would ve been the better way. All in all you know better and I'm just a sucker with an anime PFP teaching a 1 mil sub YouTuber, but i just wanted to spill my guts.
    Fuck that was an essay
    Have a good one.

  2. FriendlyBaron is back

  3. I like to imagine Mark woke up that day, found out about Asmongold's existance, and chose violence

  4. I'd rather have zero veggies than common cabbage on a burger. If it were cooked cabbage it may be good

  5. Printing over 20trillon in the span of just about 2 years will matto

  6. Good cabbage should not smell like cum 😬

  7. Im sorry but 6:39 "… and the future of my shorts" ENDS me 😂

  8. Noooo please don't start putting more Shorts on here. You have NO IDEA how deeply I despise shorts on desktop. They clutter up my sub feed. And I haven't found a way to disable/hide them from subs feed.

    My YT bookmark leads straight to subs feed, I never visit the main page or any other part of the site outside of videos and channels.

  9. If you combine your clips and main channel meaning uploading clips to your main channel in order to get more subscribers isn’t that gonna hurt your channel because viewers that find your short form content and subscribe aren’t necessarily gonna watch your long form content or just wont get recommended your long form content. Wouldn’t a lot of subscribers and not that many views hurt your Chanel in the eyes of the YouTube algorithm just like botting subscribers? Also I don’t know much about this stuff so if this doesn’t make any sense just ignore.

  10. Ay yo, love the way the topics show up. Sleek

  11. Josh Strife Says is a fanmade channel wich has an understanding with Josh Hes completely fine with the subchannel and has no monetary gain from it. Just in case you didnt know. Loves <3

  12. Matt ain't no way that was the cabbage, I've had kfc recently with the lettuce-cabbage blend. It's a bit more crunchy but definitely doesn't smell like coom. I'd say one of the ingredients on the burger was likely expired.

  13. the out of context video was one of my favorite videos on youtube so far this year, so many genuine laugh out loud moments

  14. You hit a million subs and stop making good vids? No more drama/react bs. More games

  15. Please dont release shorts on your main channel because i will watch them and the Youtube will think im interrested in shorts again

  16. (sorry if this comment is too long, it basically reads "my life and mental health sucks and my best friend doesn't care so thank you for helping")

    Hi Matto, I'm happy you uploaded today and I couldn't watch until this point. I just found out my "best friend" doesn't care at all about my mental health. I have a very hard time believing someone actually likes spending time with me because they enjoy my company rather than they talk with me because they feel sorry for me, the past couple days he's reinforced the thought of him not giving a shit. 2 days ago we were talking on the phone, he said he'd be right back, but instead I heard someone walk into his room and hang up the phone. Yesterday he claimed his service went out even after I told him I heard someone hang up. After that, our conversation continued and I chose to try and believe him. Until he hung up out of nowhere and didn't respond when I texted asking what happened, now today I've brought this to his attention and told him I feel worthless and he's making it worse doing that to me when he already knows I'm doing poor mentally, he said he's "not dealing with that shit". Sorry for the rant, but my family wouldn't believe me and I have nowhere else to talk about it. thank you for being here to change my mood, you're one of the few reasons I'm still here.

  17. "The future of my shorts" was not the segment I thought it was gonna be.

  18. Wow lol it's like this comments section didn't watch the video before commenting. Matt acknowledges that he was memeing. You're all just repeating what he said already

  19. Yeah, with the “door stuck” video; people have been doing stuff like that for years.

    A few years ago there was someone who would make “songs” which were a 5 seconds original intro and then the entirety of an unedited public domain song (things by Mozart, Beethoven etc.) and then a 5 second original outro and then copyright claim any use of the public domain music.

  20. If you've seen anything from Jordan Peterson, could you talk about him on stream? I have my opinion of him, but I'm curious what yours is, if you know who he is.

  21. Matto you should play stray

  22. What do you think about information from out of this planet, by that i mean 4D, black holes, space in general, i know we as a humans have a lot of shit ot do on this tiny one in a million rock that was created by multiple pieces of space rocks, but still maybe there is something you wanna know about the little things of our world that do not concern our abnormal ideas for extraterrestrial life about the correct life on the planet in space.

  23. 5:52 Seeing the chat's reaction made this part even funnier.

  24. Everyone in the comments defending Markiplier is…. interesting? Like, Matt says himself that he's sure that Markiplier was meming and making fun of react content. He knows that guys.

  25. You are aware you'll be given react content because you are now linked with react based content. You've made so many videos on it, watched react videos for reference and have uploaded videos with it that of course you're going to be recommended it. Its not what the average person will be recommended, its what you've been recommended

  26. Always sleep to your rambles, had a nap today and had a similar experience. Cheers

  27. About the copyright stuff, many videos take a normal video, make a low effort remix of a song with part of the audio of that video and then claim the original video for themselves. Literally a video made this year can claim a video from 8 years ago

  28. If what u said about the correlation between highly rated games and high sales remains true, then I'm super excited for crab champions, the Dev's monthly update blog post is making the game seem incredibly promising, and I hope it sells well too. It truly an impressive looking game for a single developer.

  29. Someone mentions inflation
    Me entering the room from Turkey:
    Did somebody call me?

  30. DarkViperAU, attacking moist critikal is one thing, but you've gone too far. Lost my subscription.

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