NCT U – The 7th Sense – Vaporwave

Kpop songs that have been slowed down in order to sound like vaporwave songs.

~~ I made this playlist for my friend’s birthday (Happy Birthday by the way, Hollywood) and if you enjoy it then that’s cool too ~~

*I do not own the original kpop songs used, only the edited ones*

Source by JongDaeDreamer

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  1. ✰ 𝙢𝙤𝙤𝙣𝙞𝙚𝙢𝙤𝙢𝙤 ✰

    I’m dead but I’m alive

  2. just the intro alone is.. holy shit


  4. OpEn ur RicE

  5. mind your business pls and THX

    @keomorokot-khom LMAOO

  6. Strawberriexmilk

    this version is on a whole new level 😶

  7. OMG YESSSSSSSS 🥺😌😭😭😭 i love this

  8. Tomura Shigiraki

    HaWt 😔👌✨✨

  9. ☁︎kumak0☁︎︎


  10. ☁︎kumak0☁︎︎

    WAIT I-

  11. i wish i was a duck

    i DiDnT kNoW tHiS CoUlD bE tHiS DaNgErOuS 💀

  12. These comments tho

  13. Oww damn 🥵

  14. ⛓🖤⛓kiki⛓🖤⛓

    This is killing me

  15. ⛓🖤⛓kiki⛓🖤⛓

    I forgot i have a boyfriend

  16. ☁︎kumak0☁︎︎

    @kim-taehyung-69435699 HSHABAJ SAME LMAO

  17. @listenbooiii love ur pfp

  18. ☁︎kumak0☁︎︎

    @celeste-moon-465197266 ahh thanks!

  19. Emily 💖😔✌️


  20. d4ydr€aming ^_^

    gah dayum👴🏻🕶🤏🏼

  21. this… is too good 😳

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