Occidental College Glee Club, Home Concert, March 29 1957

Track listing:

1. Benedictus – Giovanni Gabrieli
2. Come, Jesus, Come – J.S. Bach
3. Salut Printemps – Claude Debussy
4. Song Of The Spirits Over The Water (Opus 67) – Franz Schubert
5. [unidentified organ performance] 6. Six Love Songs – Johannes Brahms
7. Two Songs On American Indian Lyrics – Ernest Gold
8. Songs Mein Grossmama Sang – Lloyd Pfautsch
9. Old Black Joe – Steven Foster, Walter Ehret
10. Ain’t Got Time To Die – arr. Hall Johnson
11. Occidental Fair – Ward

File Name(s): SCARCH-A-0229

Digitized from 1/4″ reel-to-reel tape. Photo courtesy of Occidental College Special Collections (SCARCH-A-0229-supp-001-a).

Source by Oxy Special Collections

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