Ordinary Love (Paul Epworth Version)

Bono was in South Africa this week to join those paying tribute to Nelson Mandela at Tuesday’s memorial service.

‘In Ireland,’ he says, ‘A wake is never without humour but it’s fair to say we lean heavily on the melancholy… one thing I love about Africa is they accompany the departed with dancing, lots of it, and music full of joy.’

On Thursday, ‘Ordinary Love’, the song the band wrote for ‘Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom’, was nominated for a Golden Globe Award and today the band wanted to share Paul Epworth’s new version.

‘We think Paul Epworth’s mix is a very soulful, uplifting one and we hope our audience will agree,’ says Bono. ‘Nelson Mandela’s life and times meant more to me than I can ever tell you, I would need a hundred songs to do that… but this complicated little love song to Winnie and South Africa is the one that landed on our lap.

‘I want to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press for believing in us and the film. This is truly a great honour.’

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