Parousia – ‘No Songs For Mary’ -UCLA Cooperage Hall, Los Angeles, CA

Parousia’s “No Songs For Mary” recorded live at UCLA Cooperage Hall, Los Angeles, CA. October 22, 1988; music written by G. Huels and P. Connolly with lyrics by Gerry North.
This song came together out of true band collaboration. This live version features Robert Lowden (guitar), Patt Connolly (vocals), Bill Simms (keyboards) and Gerry N. Cannizzaro (drums). Club 88 wasn’t in the main spotlight of West Hollywood and for that reason it was a comfortable and low-stress club to perform in. It had a spacious backstage area appropriately decorated with graffiti from many of the bands passing through its doors

Source by Gerry North

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  1. “No Songs For Mary” by Parousia is available for streaming on iTunes/ Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, You Tube and iHeartRadio

  2. NO SONGS FOR MARY: Beyond the oak behind the hill, Shared all our dreams and time stood still, But now there’s moss around your grave, No arms could hold what we had saved. No Songs for Mary Quiet are her days No need to worry… Colors turn to gray. What could they say what do they know? Lay down a smile; put on a show… No Songs for Mary Shadows fill her days No need to worry… Time will point the way. Take one away. Maybe another day. Parting in sorrow, Waiting for saving grace. The years go by the clouds turn gray. The night pulls hard, I want to stay. No Songs for Mary, Quiet are her days. No need to worry… Soon you too will pay. On to better days…

  3. Studio version of “No Songs For Mary” by Parousia:

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