Pedair Hwiangerdd (Four Welsh Nursery Songs) for children and orchestra (Gareth Glyn)

Pedair o hoff hwiangerddi Cymru, mewn trefniant i leisiau unsain a cherddorfa fawr.
Four of Wales’s best-loved nursery songs, in an arrangement for unison voices and large orchestra. The songs are:
1. Dacw Mam yn Dwad (Look, that’s mummy on her way)
2. Gee Ceffyl Bach (Gee up, horsey)
3. Cysga Di, fy Mhlentyn Tlws (Sleep, my pretty child)
4. Cadi Ha
They’re sung in an unbroken sequence; the style is glitzy, and rather Hollywood at times.

Source by Gareth Glyn

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  1. Cadi Ha

  2. Cysga Di, fy Mhlentyn Tlws

  3. Gee Ceffyl Bach

  4. Dacw Mam yn Dwad

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