Rainbow Wana Gi V.1 from Geodetic Sexagesimal Daisychain E.P.

Rainbow Wana Gi_This is one track from an experiment I set up for myself. To create an album using nothing more than my mobile phone… no exceptions, everything is sourced from music and voice augmenting apps. Its my belief that creativity can thrive when faced with a lack of resources, in a way it forces you to use what you have at hand to its fullest. The song itself was inspired by a dream where two Indian spirit warriors were trapped in a feud that spanned
over centuries and through several dimensions. When one slays the other he climbs up a rainbow ladder and disappears completely.


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  1. You can download this and other songs from the E.P. Geodetic Sexigesimal Daisychain @http://www.reverbnation.com/store/artist_2743660

  2. This is pretty cool . I am looking forward to the next track in the series, and hearing about you next dream too.

  3. @eyesix: Thakyou, more on the way too

  4. Cool track, nicely done sir.

  5. Great track. Love the last section.

  6. @impulsegame: Very appreciated, keep your ears open, much more on the way

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