Reacting to the TOP VIRAL Makeup TikToks Of 2021!

Hi Sisters! In today’s video, I reacted to the TOP Makeup TikToks from 2021. Everything from optical illusions, product reviews, and of course, insane makeup looks went viral and made the list, so check it out and see!

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  1. Tell me why I read the title of the video recreating instead of reacting 🤦🏻‍♀️


  3. какого хрена он так быстро открывает рот, я не успеваю

  4. I love the hi sisters, it’s so iconic 💅

  5. I love James`s positivity and passion for what he does. Rock on my man!

  6. Now I’ve been obsessed watching these!

  7. ооооооййй бляя вот до чего докатился мир

  8. It’s gonna be 2022 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  9. very cool video, you are an incredible blogger

  10. i like the lemonade look he is wearing now. damn these looks are so complicated. love your videos James Charles!

  11. I want to get some splashes!

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