Siam Bharat ….. Siam means Thai people….Bharat from Bharat Natyam….indian classical dance. This song compose by using Thai and Indian music combination of two difference culture but they have long relationship. A lot of Thai traditional , religious , tradition, ritual. Siam People adopted and then adapted which Eventually become the Siamese style.

Using 3 of Ragas , Begin with the Odissi traditional dance ‘ Mangalacharan, Then turn to the second part of the song that show how Indian and Thai play along in Raga Jog. Finally , turn from Indian(Vrindavani Sarang Raga) to Siam (Thai Diatonic).
Compose : Pawarin Phiken
Bansuri : Niranjan Pandian
Thai Music and other :Pawarin Phiken
Mix & Master : Pawarin Phiken
Copyright ©2020 Pawarin Phiken, All Rights Reserved.

Source by Piano Pawarin

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    SiamBharat is fire, i can get this song big for you Pawarin Phiken just look at my cover picture on here it shows how to reach me

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