Stump Valley – Hollywood

Pretty mysterious but that’s not the appeal. Super diverse stylistically, but that’s not it either! They just got it. DOPE AS FUCK production unit, and we are sure you will be hearing a lot from them in the future. TIP!
The hardest thing was choosing which tracks to put out. They had like 12 great ones… anyway. Off Minor Recordings is proud to be putting out the first record from these extremely talented guys. Hopefully you will enjoy their music as much as I do. I want to hear all of these on the dance floor then go home chill out and listen to them again.

Source by Stump Valley

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  3. Cool and smoothie!

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  5. Highfields 900 Records

    i love it!

  6. This track is one of my 2k14 revelation! GREAT, and THANKS ! <3

  7. @severineh: 🙂 thanks

  8. A Tiger in Africa

    Good stuff !

  9. love this track… such a beautiful set of textures… had to put in my summer mix for Slothboogie, (track 5)

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