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Guitar – Karan Randhawa

Source by Latest Punjabi Songs 2023


  1. Soul mates doesn’t exist

  2. Sylwia Myślińska


  3. Oh this is my favourite song of you!! You have all you need to be a singer: attitude, a great look, a beautiful special voice, self-confidence and the love to the music!! The lyrics are soooooo sweet. If some other one would sing this, you would say: “es geht straight in meine Kugel”. You’re always so funny!!! Please never stop making music, because if you’ll stop, my heart will stop beating!!! I love your sounds!!!

  4. Love this SONG!!!!

  5. I love all acoustic versions. That’s the reason why I started taking guitar lessons!

  6. Omg! Das ist so wunderschön! :’)

  7. Du bist der beste

  8. i cry samuuu love youuuu

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