Swaghollywood – Swoolin With The Loot (prod. k-naan)

Source by Swaghollywood

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#armuanxari Source by Armu Khan


  1. W song like 2017 all over again

  2. K9gotdadope ?

  3. @zombie-killer-716949353 K naan produced this

  4. Mad i accidentally liked this song no cap

  5. Joshunakiki

  6. I remember this song assa 7th grader😂

  7. Freshman year everyone hated on my swag but now im swoolinwitthaloot

  8. @cbmilli faxxxx

  9. 🔥💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Classic

  11. shit still hard 4 years later 🔥

  12. ScyKo Intellegence


  13. still one of my all time favs

  14. my pockets on swole

  15. dddddatttt wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  16. andrewrossetti21

    best rapper in the game

  17. find (u)s! radio


  18. my bands up whoo

  19. this song never fails to be lit

  20. litttttttttttt!!!

  21. i be swoolinn wif da loot

  22. @LordAZ: lol its “run to the money, usain bolt”

  23. Lil - 6 The Savage & HunnitBand from Florida

    usain bolt

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