Tamron Hall Exclusive: Kim Burrell On The Viral Sermon Video

Pastor Kim Burrell sits down in her first interview to address her recent apology for past controversial comments and how she plans to use her distinctive voice to move forward.

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  1. I've been in church all my life and KIM has ALWAYS been nasty spirited….Alwaysssssssss
    So concerned about her appearance and her stuff…..she's a lonely, miserable, low self esteem, low vibing woman….without her voice, weave and stylist she could pass for Ricky Smiley's auntie

  2. without her voice, weave and stylist she could pass for Ricky Smiley's auntie…..this is what I'm lonely….. I'm miserable….I dont even like myself looks like

  3. Did she really explain what she meant by what she said? She basically is full of it to me ! Shouldn't have made such a stupid comment being a "woman of the church"

  4. There is no remorse from her. You leave that level of ignorance for the person who's just coming to the Lord. A veteran like yourself should know better. And I am happy that people have cameras to record the insensitive egregious behavior of people like for the world to see. You are fake. It's all about the fame and money for most of these traitors to the leading "God's people." And for her to go on an apology tour to come it on this nationally syndicated show to say that she meant every world that she said, is so Judas' kinship. But truthfully, whether we like it or not, this is the bases of most churches and the folks who attend them. You'll find more love, compassion, sensitivity and hope in a den full of thieves and wolves in sheep's clothing.

  5. Pray Kim Burrell gets healed in Jesus Name….she is very gifted and hope she shares her stories and teaches as well how to master the gift of song in Jesus Name…..

  6. You been in church a long time an it hasn't done you Any good!

  7. Awe nawl her attitude ain’t right. She cares less about what she says !! No accountability. Girl bye

  8. I think she knows what she said was wrong but doesn’t want to take full responsibility and apologize for it. Everybody can be wrong.

  9. She is who she is. No God in that. When she laughed at that young man on Sundays Best she showed who she is. Look it up. She is AWFUL 😖

  10. C'mon now who put them glasses on that woman's face?! Da fuq 🤦‍♂️

  11. I’ve been in the church a long time too and you can CLEARLY see that there is no oil, no anointing, and no spirit of God dwelling in this lady. And to anyone who thinks there is – you’re just as delusional. She definitely has a gift, but that’s all it is… and even that is sometimes out of tune🤷🏾‍♂️

  12. You can tell even in this video that her spirit is disturbed😳


  14. She should leave the church

  15. This piece of work is so sad because she seems to think that you can't review the tape for yourself.

  16. The lingo was ridicule, and derision. Her intention was pure okay. Inappropriately pure.

  17. Just keep singing Kim. Your voice is amazing 🙌🏽 Just don’t start talking Queen 🥴

  18. Anointing gone wild…. prayers going up..God help us ALL!!!

  19. She ain’t tired yet of putting her big foot in her mouth. She should stay in her spiritually designated lane and leave the pathetic comedy and playing the dozens to the people it’s for. These folk want their stature and character to be respected on their own terms and then turn around in the same note and disrespect and belittle others and what’s so frightening is they make a mockery of God while doing it. I’m sure not one gesture or reference or insinuating comment is listed in her Bible unless it’s the Jezebel spirit she was portraying. It’s unacceptable and she should surely be able to “discern” when messages are transferring from the Holy Spirit to the talebearing, gossipy, judging flesh being that she’s “seasoned “ one. It was tasteless and her platform has “no calling” on it whatsoever. She better go back to the bushes and weep before God until he redirects her.

  20. Ok…it seems as if she's still feeling the fallout from her 2016/2017 sermon about gays in the church. What she doesn't realize is that a lot of gay people actually support the church and especially BLACK church. So tell me then, why should they (gay) people continuously support such an environment when he or she is being obliterated from the pulpit? No. This seems more like she (Kim Burrell) is upset at having lost lucrative deals and such. This is the price that you pay for bigotry and homophobia and this should be a warning to all churches, especially black churches that ignorant language will have consequences

  21. If she have been in the church that long then she should know even more importantly your whole mission is you’re saved to save others. So why would you “metaphorically” speak of such things that appears to be criticism because most people are going are to view it that way. Your congregation is going to be mixed with seasoned and new followers. So WHY??? I’m 40 and been in church my whole entire life minus the last few years, and she is full of crap. She knew when she said it, what she meant and how it was going to be used.

  22. She’s giving me functioning crackhead vibes

  23. She is absolutely trash using the name of Jesus spewing hate and not taking accountability. She should be absolutely ashamed of herself but she's not. Tamron, did you give her the sideeye cause that's what I saw lol love your show!

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