Taxi Driver – Trailer

Paul Schrader’s gritty screenplay depicts the ever-deepening alienation of Vietnam Veteran Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro in a tour-de-force performance), a psychotic cab driver who obsessively cruises the mean streets of Manhattan. © 1976, renewed 2004 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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  1. Jodie Foster 😍😍😍😍


  3. this is not that DAEBAK TAXI DRIVER 2021 i am looking for..

  4. Sometimes a movie is so well done that it can be called perfect. This one is so brilliant that it is more than perfect.
    One of the most haunting and disturbing films ever made.

  5. Brilliant, powerful, artistic, haunting , realistic and disturbing…all rolled up together..Fantastic movie

  6. I finally got around to watching this movie last night thinking that I was going to see something special… but in my opinion it's absolute shit. It's a barely entertaining dark story about a taxi driver who picks up fares from different sketchy characters in filthy 70s New York and ends in a stupid shootout situation that doesn't make any sense at all to save an underage prostitute. I mean it's a noble cause, but the shootout itself is just stupid. Glad I watched it though I suppose just to tick it off the list.

  7. Can't wait to see this on 4K.

  8. Peter Boyle, "holy crap"!!!


  10. The narrator should have had misspell the word with “organizized” at 1:48

  11. Murray was like " how about another joke Arthur ? " In some parallel universe 😂❤️

  12. Job, i am need a job. What you may do? I may walk around threes and drinking bad water. I am not heard you. GOOD

  13. I watched this last night before sleeping….i should have slept

  14. You talkin' to me?
    Oh my god!
    That one was awesome.
    He's to skinny here, like me.

  15. D taxi driver is d super star Robert d niro

  16. I am, really, most surprised that some American film studio haven't, so far, produced both an utterly awful and vastly inferior remake of this Martin Scorsese / Paul Schrader classic 1976 psychological thriller.

  17. Such a crap movie. De Niro's acting was good other than that EVERYTHING else about this movie was garbage.

  18. De niro is the most luckiest actor off all time he has been in at least one of 3 best movies ever made taxi driver raging bull godfellas

  19. One of the most awesome films made,raw and brilliant with amazing cast and screenplay and its even more incredible considering this came out in the 70's !

  20. " The days move along with regularity, over and over…One day indistinguishable from the next." – Travis Bickle

  21. So who actually wrote this movie?

  22. jesus christ can save you

  23. We could remake this today and have him be an essential worker, cos nothing has changed.

  24. What a mind blowing movie ❤

    Nearly perfect

  25. Acabei de ver o filme completo 🍃

  26. Martin Scorsese should've made The Invisible Man like Coppola's Dracula and Branagh's Frankenstein.

  27. Narrator is a serial killer someone needs to check him up

  28. The good old days when you could kill a Pimp and a Pedophile, and get away with it 😂.

  29. This shows 70s really had cool dudes

  30. It's one of the beautiful picture I have seen…. Everything is fantastic in this movie….

  31. "…anytime, anywhere…."

  32. Uber driver Vs Robert De Niro character!

  33. It kind of blurred the lines between right and wrong. Was Travis crazy? Yes. But did he try and help Jodie Foster? Yes.

  34. I just watched it last night (I wasent born when this came out so don’t be surprised I haven’t seen it). It was really good

  35. cant believe this movie ripped off joker 2019 >:[

  36. Esta película está increíble.

  37. This movie is Vastly over rated. It's not bad. But it's not Titanic or Star wars either

  38. Who will be the first to cut Putin's face into Robert De Niro's as a deep fake.
    Putin was once a taxi driver, according to his own statement…

  39. listen, i think i love Robert De Niro.

  40. June 29th.
    I got to get in shape now.
    Too much sitting has ruined my body.
    Too much abuse has gone on for too long.
    From now on it'll be fifty push-ups each morning, fifty pull-ups.
    There'll be no more pills.
    There'll be no more bad food.
    There'll be no more destroyers of my body.
    From now on it'll be total organization.
    Every muscle must be tight.
    –Travis Bickle

  41. This was actually "B" movie in the UK

  42. Even the trailer is a 11/10 masterpiece

  43. More than a hint if you squint of Novak Djokovic in the young Bobby.

  44. I have to save the world now

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