Tera Ghata Punchy Migos Remix

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This is a remix of a popular cover track called “Tera Ghata” – The female version..

Original Song “Tera Ghata | Gajendra Verma Ft. Karishma Sharma | Vikram Singh | Official Video”:

Cover version by Neha Kakkar:

This is a new faster punchier remix with a touch of Rafztar added to sizzle it up!

Rafztar is an unsigned Indian producer based in the UK who has published 3 hip hop albums on major music platforms worldwide.

#NehaKakkar #TeraGhata #BollywoodRemix #2019 #EventCity

Source by RAFZTAR

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  3. @bilal-mahmood-arain-448568266: Thanks check out my other remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAZhGXnfJDQ

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