The Musical Cloud – Episode 75 (Disability Special)

The Musical Cloud – My very own podcast is 75 today. Yes 75 episodes old!

TMC started off as a fun initiative for a group of friends. Stranded as we were in our own isolated groups due to the pandemic, music was the one true connection I had with the people around me. But such is the power of music, that it brought along a whole new set of listeners to my homemade podcasts and today I have a sea of friends that I connect with each week through TMC!

And you my dear listeners, no sorry, friends are the reason why TMC has reached this significant milestone.
Your love, encouragement, and constant support has been my inspiration and my motivation!

TMC has taught me a valuable lesson, which is that any challenge can be transformed into an area of strength if we are given the right environment and support. And that’s true of any challenge in life. To celebrate this valuable lesson is why, my 75th episode is a special dedication to people with disabilities, who are living examples of how they don’t let disability or challenges of any form hinder their pursuit of life and passion.

Hindi cinema has portrayed specially abled people in different ways. Whether the character is blind or mute, crippled or deaf or with any mental disorder, Bollywood has shown us all. Some portyalas have been sensitive while others have been caricaturish. This episode brings you songs from all eras that have showcased specially abled people in them. I have got a host of requests as well for this epiosde from dear listeners like Sheshadri, Sammy, Rhea, Seema, Hajira, Poornima, Ravi, Laboni, Rekha, Rajani, Gopinath, Avinash, Manasi, Navneet, Geetha and Roopashree.

So here’s some good mix of songs to cheer the wonderfully inspiring specially abled people, who remind us that life is all about living it to the hilt!

Source by CJ KK

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