The Nearly Impossible Job of Managing MrBeast

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Today we’re interviewing Reed Duchscher, MrBeast’s Manager and CEO of Night Media.

Check out Reed’s Podcast, Creator Economics

00:00 Who is MrBeast’s Manager, Reed Duchscher
01:02 Thanks to NordVPN
02:14 MrBeast’s Formula for viral videos
04:03 How Mobile Games saved MrBeast
05:43 What makes MrBeasts special
08:40 How Squid Game changed MrBeast
13:45 Hard Lessons from the Beast Burger Launch
15:38 Why risk so much?
17:12 How MrBeast built Feastables
20:05 What is the creator business revenue model?
23:09 How do managers get paid?
24:32 What do creators not understand about managers?
25:08 The difference between managers, agents, and presidents
27:48 The Network Effect
28:37 MrBeast Hitting 100M subscribers
30:11How creators should prepare for a recession
33:20 The problem with TikTok, Reels, and Shorts
37:39 MrBeast’s character development
41:06 Videos MrBeast didn’t upload
44:24 What Reed Duchscher looks for in a creator

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  1. The full interview with Reed is over 2 hours long →

    It's really good for creators looking to build their businesses

  2. He should do a video on Game of thrones or possibly Avengers

  3. I would love to see you guys interview Linus from LMG I feel like that would be very interesting and just seeing how he managed to grow his company from himself to what it is becoming now.

  4. Off topic of this amazing video but does anyone know what shirt reed wore in the episode ?

  5. Have these guys done a story on 10hundred? He’s a marketing genius.

  6. Wish this was 2 hours longer

  7. That was an amazing insight into Reed's life. I love how he described the business as being in the 1st inning. So much thought goes into every decision.

  8. i miss jimmy giving to streamers, because it's one on one production and it's a lot more personal than charities.

  9. This interview is gold for any creator and aspiring. Thanks guys!

  10. I follow a few youtubers with 100k subscribers that have potential to get big that should really watch this video. This was so informative and very interesting to watch

  11. "it doesn't get harder, it gets more complicated and stressful" 💀

  12. Mrbeast perfected YouTube challenges, he may not be the first, but he’s without a doubt, the best.

  13. Easily one of your best interviews yet. Keep it up!

  14. This was hands down the most interesting and informative interview for what it takes to manage a top tier brand/channel/etc. Well done guys!

  15. Mr feast also ran out money many time too

  16. 7:22 lmao
    You guys getting $20/1000 views damn
    Here in india if we make such vids
    We'll get $0.2/1000 views

  17. I'm watching this video and I thought, what's the time? I'm looking around for my phone to check the time and I realise it's in my hand. That's what I was watching this video on. 🤦🤦

  18. Bro is buff look at those juicy ass forearms

  19. As a small youtuber and someone who looks up to MrBeast, this interview is one of the best I've ever watched!

  20. Loved the video, but y'all should fix the gate on his mic

  21. 31:49 jeezus he said paying an editor $20 💀💀

  22. You need to make on on Mr.WhoseTheBoss

  23. Mr Beast paid the price, he knew YouTube in and out, that's something people don't invest in

  24. Y’all having a manager like it’s the league lol

  25. Very informative video! Thanks!🙌🏻

  26. He should do voice-over.
    His voice is too deep.

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