The Panda Puja

This song is dedicated to my friend Bijan Panda. Panda is likely to be derived from word Pandit/Pundit/Pandat via Sanskrit word Pandita, meaning “Learned”/Scholar. It is pertinent to mention here the term Pandit is derived from the term Pand (पण्ड्) which means “to collect, heap, pile up”, and this root is used in the sense of knowledge. The term is found in Vedic and post-Vedic texts. The first half of the song is an Indian classical dance style called Bharatanatyam and the latter half is meant for the actual prayer (Puja). I tried my best to create this song with the utmost respect to the Indian culture.

Source by Milo Dodds

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  1. Abhinandhan Patil

    so relaxing !😍

  2. @abhinandhan-patil thank you my friend.

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